Google Analytics Interface

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Hey Makers! I am wondering if anyone here is having trouble with the Google Analytics interface. I used to feel its heavy for simple use cases instead we need a simple one page interface. Actually, I will be launching a product soon for that, wanted to get some opinions!


Peter Thaleikis
@steve15645462 ga is fairly complex and has a lot of information. Especially in combination with the search console this can get confusing I've noticed
Peter Thaleikis
@steve15645462 the idea of keeping it simpler is good I think
Ferenc Forgacs
@steve15645462 every time I had to find something in GA I felt a bit lost, even though I used it on a daily basis for years. Custom dashboards solved some of these issues but clearly, there still space for enhancements. Looking forward to your product.
Bogdan Glushko
@steve15645462 There are many dashboards available for Analytics which achieve exactly that. Also Google Data Studio is excellent for making 1 page reports which can be emailed to you on a schedule.
@porthas Yeah, thanks for the pointers. I learned about Google Data Studio, still I feel there can be a ready made solution with easy to use interface for users like me!