Importing goods from China

Ivan Popov
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My product is Importigy ( that could help sellers to import wholesale goods from China. At this moment we make an automatic email with order status notification and also use a chatbot for this. In the future, we want to develop a saas platform where our customers can check their order, suppliers info and ask questions about verification and shipping processes. How do you think, would it be useful for sellers or not? Any recommendation to improve our service. Thank you so much!


Bogdan Glushko
@ivan_popov3 how does this differ from Alibaba for example?
Ivan  Popov
@porthas so, Alibaba is a big "marketplace" for suppliers and buyers. They also have a verification system and you can check, who has this status or not. But, unfortunately​, they don't respond to​ their quality. 'Fake' factories in my experience​ have 'verified' label as well as real manufacturers by uploading not real photos, ISO 9001 certificates​ and others. When I was working with them I​ understood that the only​ way to check them is to visit their company address. In view of all experience what we have, we decided to provide a ​verification process where we will check suppliers by ourselves​. In comparison with our competitors like China Checkup, China Importal and similar​ we give our customer not a simple consultation, but make all verification procedures and send a ​full report with our rating and suggestions. By checking products quality and offering special services Importigy could help customers work with China suppliers without any risk and scam. P.S.: As I noticed in the first time​ when I was searching for a ​good supplier, their reply to me and to my Chinese employee was totally different. This fact helped us to buy high-quality​ goods at​ a ​​minimal price.
Usama Khalid
@ivan_popov3 It looks good! But i have few recommendations. It was bit hard to understand the business. Maybe change your heading to "Start your business remotely in China" something like that to make it more clear. I think it's a service in which many dropshipping businesses will be interested in.
Abasiama Akpan
@ivan_popov3 interesting. I am going to check it out.
freela ncing
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Amanda Trincher
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