How is your build coming along?

Aaron O'Leary
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Hi everyone! Just checking in, how is everyones build coming along? I can't wait to see what everyone has built!


Paul Danyliuk
@aaronoleary Having fun with it! Iā€™m wondering if I can build the thing in a day (today). Last time I tried to tackle this project was 4 years ago with a native Android app, spent > 8 months on it (mostly UI) and still didn't finish. Coda looks just perfect for this kind of app.
Anastacia Chichigina
@aaronoleary Could you please tell me if there is such thing as Release Build in Coda? Or the developer just shares a link to a document? I have an app where my data is given as an example. I would like each user to enter their own data into the app (using my template). Do I need to perfome additional actions as a Developer to make it work? Or is it enough to give them a link and they have to "Copy doc" ?
Justin Hales
@anasta_mova Great question! The best way to share your doc is through the "play" mode, which allows people to interact and play with your doc without saving changes. They can then make their own copy of your doc template and input their own data. More info here: Does that answer you question?
@aaronoleary Hey everyone.. I've hit a speed bump in working with my CODA app .. can we get tips and tricks from a CODA person ;) *is that allowed?
Paul Danyliuk
@aaronoleary Definitely took more than one day, but I submitted two rad projects. Super happy that I saw the announcement in time and also that discovered Coda.