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Chestr πŸ›Water Out Of Speaker
Multilingual Speech-to-Text API with superhuman accuracy
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Chestr πŸ›
35 reviews
A simple, free Chrome extension that lets you save products from any online store in a single click. Plus, it notifies you anytime there's a price decrease on your saved items! Think of Chestr as a mix between Pinterest + Honey. 😊 πŸ›
Kevin Liu
Lauren Huttner
James Wellemeyer
Kevin Liu and 64 others use Chestr πŸ›
The problem is Fashion overload. Users lack suggestions based on their needs and preferences and must scroll endlessly through items they don't want or like. Also, their lack of knowledge about fashion confuses them. Emotions, offers, and trends drive Impulse purchases and make wardrobes that were never worn. iWand provides an AI Stylist as a solution that assists users as a trusted friend in discovering and shopping smarter.
Sharon Lee
Carol Gilbert
Mahdi Rezaei
Sharon Lee and 76 others use iWand | AI Fashion Stylist
Easily get water out of your phone's speakers without a technician! It works by playing a special tone that generates sound waves at a frequency that causes the water to be ejected from your smart phone's speakers.
Albite Zurita
Raya Sen
Rituja Sen
Albite Zurita and 150 others use Water Out Of Speaker
96 reviews
Lolli is a rewards application that gives you bitcoin when you shop at your favorite stores. Lolli lets you earn up to 30% back in free bitcoin when you shop online at 750+ top merchants! On a mission to make bitcoin accessible to all.
Nick Pappageorge
Connor McEwen
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