Alternative products to Welcome Mat for SumoMe

4 alternative and related products to Welcome Mat for SumoMe

Welcome Mat for SumoMe

Turn any page into your highest-converting page

4 Alternatives to Welcome Mat for SumoMe

Add pop-ups to your customers’ journey at Dashly💣

Streamline your customer journey with pop-ups and the platform. Capture leads with different forms and content. Qualify them to divide into segments for more personalized value prop. Finally, activate them into your new features or notify about the regular payment. That's an out-of-the-box solution - no coding skills!

Roman Eaton
Roman Eaton- 🔥Make your customer journey better with
Hm, it's not of the topic about the product utility. It is about Dashly as a company. Joined it almost two years ago and started it from the scratch - now it is launched twice here, and we just polishing our product market fit.
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The world of pop-ups is wonderful, interesting and is limited only by your fantasy. Pop-ups help you to start a conversation with visitor, capture leads, activate, retain and so much more. Dashly clients can now make professionally designed pop-ups easy as 1-2-3 without designers' and developers' help with our new Pop-up Builder.
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Right into a Christmas stocking we put our long awaited feature and a great gift for all developers who can now spend their time listening to Carol of The Bells instead of composing pop-ups. Now you can create remarkable pop-ups with no sweat with the help ofthe easy Dashly drag-n-drop builder.
5 Alternatives to Pop-ups from Dashly

Widgets to spread your blog posts like 🔥 wildfire.

Wildfire Widgets was designed and built from the ground up specifically for use on professional blogs. The embeddable widgets effectively boost your blogging efforts, by helping to grow your email list and blog traffic at an accelerated rate. If you’d like to see a live demo, check out this blog post of how Wildfire Widgets’ launch strategy was designed.

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I've just launched my second indie software product. Before even writing a single line of code, I did a ton of research on how to design a business so that I'm setting it up for success, and reducing the chances of it failing. This essay is a roundup of those
10 Alternatives to Wildfire Widgets
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