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31 alternative and related products to Web Uptime

Web Uptime
Multi-location website uptime monitoring
31 Alternatives to Web Uptime

FREE Forever Website Monitoring & Status pages 🤩

Monitor 50 URLs at 1-minute interval & alerts you via email, Slack or SMS when it is down. You’ll also get 5 Public status pages, Multi-user login (upto 30 users), Global latency & Apdex Reporting.

All of the above features are FREE forever.

Peter Forret
Peter Forret- Engineer, tinkerer
Love the custom status pages, so you can create a subdomain status. and see if all the services are still up
Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
It enables you to monitor your URL and showcase your availability.
Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
I'd strongly suggest looking at Freshping by Freshworks.
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Enterprise Times
Freshworks has launched Freshping a free website monitoring service. The new product is based on Insping a company it acquired in February 2018. At its basic level Freshping does more than other up time services such as UptimeRobot. Freshping stores 6 months of historical data and pings every minute compared to UptimeRobots 2 months and every five minutes.
The Economic Times
CHENNAI: Maker of customer engagement cloud software, Freshworks on Thursday launched Freshping, a real-time website monitoring tool drawing on its recently acquired product, Insping. Targeted at small and medium businesses, the company said that Freshping would be available to users free of cost and will allow them to monitor up to 50 websites/blogs, includ… See more
6 Alternatives to Freshping by Freshworks

Uptime monitoring made beautifully simple and reliable

Receive alerts when your website is down through emails, Slack or SMS, integrated with real time data and insights

Seth Cheeks
Seth Cheeks- Sr. Visual Designer @ Google
Because it has great oversight into daily workings and the UI is clean/minimal.
nuno duarte
nuno duarte- 🔛
It's a great product. Simple to use and to start with, clean interface, global monitoring, SSL notifications and much more. All of that for a great price!
Lenilson Dos Santos 🚀
Lenilson Dos Santos 🚀- building stuff
Indispensable for me to keep an eye on my websites. Cheap and highly reliable.
25 Alternatives to Hyperping

Uptime & performance monitoring for websites and APIs

Simple uptime and performance monitoring with flexible alerting, SSL expiration checks, global monitoring and performance statistics, latency histograms and more.

Mark McKelvy
Mark McKelvy- Software developer. Former finance guy.
Very simple, nice charts, made by a great developer.
Ben Howdle
Ben Howdle- Software Engineering consultant
It's just...great.
TJ Holowaychuk
TJ Holowaychuk- Founder of Apex Software
I'm biased, it's mine :) — I strive to build simple, minimalistic, cost effective, yet feature-rich products that people enjoy.
21 Alternatives to Apex Ping

Dead simple website monitoring free forever 🥳

Freshping is an all in one uptime monitoring tool with 50 checks at 1 minute interval from 10 global locations and 5 live public status pages for FREE.
Now, Freshping 2.0 comes with advanced capabilities like SSL Monitoring, Advanced Alerting and more.

Around the web
Freshping by Freshworks - Free Reliable Uptime Monitoring
Reading Time: 2 minutes Say Hi to Freshping 2.0! Since Freshping's launch last August 2018, it has been an exciting journey for all of us here. We started with offering businesses the ability to monitor uptime for 50 checks(URLs) from any of the 10 global locations at every 1-minute interval along with 5 public hosted status pages, free forever....
6 Alternatives to Freshping 2.0 by Freshworks

Website monitoring, without the hassle

Oh Dear! is an easy way to track the uptime & SSL health for your websites & apps. It's website monitoring without the hassle!

Oh Dear is a fully featured app, with an API, webhook support, Slack/HipChat/Pushover/Mail alerts & plenty more in the pipeline. You can try it for 10 days, no strings attached!

Stefan Zweifel
Stefan Zweifel- Developer
In addition to uptime monitoring, Oh Dear! also warns you about mixed content on your site and checks if any of your links on your website are broken.
19 Alternatives to Oh Dear!

Monitor Linux servers on your phone

Ping is a beautiful Linux monitor app, it supports linux-based systems too.

It allows you track your Linux servers' status easily. You only need to add your Linux servers to Ping using SSH account and Ping will show metrics.

No dependency required, no deamon required.

Rating and price
11 Alternatives to Ping

A simple tool to monitor your website and SSL

PingPing is a no frills website and SSL monitoring solution. It provides up to 30 days of performance statistics, a public status page, and downtime/certificate notifications via e-mail, slack, discord, and webhook.

eelco- || and much more
Solid. Great looking interface too!
6 Alternatives to PingPing

Matt Studdert
Matt Studdert- Developer, Creator of Frontend Mentor
I use Uptime Robot. It's got a great free option and you can use multiple types of checks.
Neil Chalk
Neil Chalk- Product Manager, 15below
Uptime robot is great, once you get the hang of it easy to setup and simple Slack integration. In the free plan you can even have a host name in your domain
Chillar Anand
Chillar Anand- Day dreamer
I use uptime robot to monitor several sites. Free upto 50 sites.
27 Alternatives to Uptime Robot App

A simple OS X menu bar app for monitoring website uptime

UptimeBar is a simple OS X menu bar app that notifies you if any of your websites are down. It connects to the UptimeRobot API to get up to date information every few seconds.

UptimeRobot is trusted by over 500,000 users, meaning you can be sure we'll notify you as soon as something is wrong!

12 Alternatives to UptimeBar

Reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your services

Monitoring for your website or API with realtime insights & get alerts via email, Slack, SMS, WebHook when it is down. Including: Status Pages, SSL monitoring, Open API, Global Latency verification, Application Grouping and consolidated dashboard

Alex Lobanov
Alex Lobanov- 23yo Maker ⚡🚀 & Xamarin Developer
In case if you want to get notified about any downtime - your tool should cover all your needs. Including Public Status Pages, SSL monitoring, different notification options
Alex Lobanov
Alex Lobanov- 23yo Maker ⚡🚀 & Xamarin Developer
Simple to use, Status Pages, SSL monitoring, different notification options :)
6 Alternatives to ApiChecker
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