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The best alternatives to easyping. are Hyperping, TJ Holowaychuk πŸ™ƒ, and Simple Ops. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to easyping.
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Uptime monitoring for websites and APIs, public status pages, instantly receive alerts by emails, Slack and SMS

  • Beautiful software solutions for application development, deployment, monitoring, logging, and operations.

  • Performance monitoring simplified by making uptime monitoring, performance and real user metric tracking along with Global uptimes and SSL information in an easy and simple way. Never let users see your website...

  • An uptime monitoring service that helps users to get acknowledged of the downtimes of their websites/servers and also track the performance of them. It is actively used by 600,000+ users with much more number o...

  • Makers of Authpush and Authlogin

  • InspiroBot is an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence.

  • Templarbit prevents attacks on your APIs and Web Applications by leveraging a data driven approach to runtime security

  • UptimeBar is a simple OS X menu bar app that notifies you if any of your websites are down. It connects to the UptimeRobot API to get up to date information every few seconds. UptimeRobot is trusted by over 500...

  • Reliable Uptime and Performance monitoring for your websites and API’s with public status pages, instantly receive notifications about outages by emails, Slack and SMS

  • Like a weather app for your website (uptime monitoring)

  • Uptime monitoring can be expensive and complex sometimes. β € We make it easy & cheap. β € Get our free forever plan and monitor up to 5 hosts. No credit card needed. β € You'll also get round the clock customer supp...

  • Be alerted via email, pushover or slack when downtime is detected and let your followers know with automated tweets. Setup automatic SSH scripts to perform routine tasks that can combat downtime allowing your d...

  • SiteKite is an automated SEO testing tool which monitors your site 24/7. Set your own tests against your own URLs, and be notified if anything goes wrong. We have a free tier too!

  • Downtime Monkey is an uptime monitoring tool that alerts you via email or SMS if your website goes down. 60 websites monitored every 3 minutes, totally free. SMS alerts to over 130 countries & 300 networks. Upt...

  • Netumo is an uptime monitoring service that performs synthetic monitoring of web hosts and RESTful APIs. When Netumo detects an issues it notifies the end user using SMS, Twitter, Email, Telegram, MS Teams and/...

  • Website performance and availability monitoring solution. Receive alerts when your website is down via email, Slack, SMS and more!

  • Simple and straightforward uptime monitoring for websites

  • Cloudprobes provides a simple way of monitoring websites and API endpoints ensuring that your services are reachable for your users at all times.

  • Monitoring the availability of sites and servers. Notifications by specified conditions (unavailability, increase in response time). Creation of a publicly accessible page with availability statistics with the ...

  • Statsignal is a simple and cost-effective way to monitor your website or server and publish a status page of your system.