The best alternatives to Suprvise are Freshworks Inc, WebGazer, and Instatus. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Suprvise
  • Feature packed product suite for businesses of all sizes. Refreshing cloud software your teams will love. Our products help your sales, marketing, support, IT, and HR teams deliver the best customer experiences.
  • WebGazer is a monitoring and analytics platform that offers uptime monitoring, cron job monitoring, and public status page services. WebGazer tracks the uptime and availability of websites, APIs, and cron jobs, by checking the monitored target's status by connecting periodically, and alerting users in real-time through various channels like e-mail, Slack, PagerDuty and more, when downtime or performance issues are detected.
  • A Status Page That's Resilient to Downtimes & Quick to Load. Get a beautiful status page that's free forever on Instatus.
  • Oh Dear! is an easy way to track the uptime & SSL health for your websites & apps. It's website monitoring without the hassle! Oh Dear is a fully featured app, with an API, webhook support, Slack/HipChat/Pushover/Mail alerts & plenty more in the pipeline. You can try it for 10 days, no strings attached!
  • Simple website monitoring service (sms/email alerts)
  • ChangeTower is a cloud-based website monitoring software and tool that periodically checks a selected public-facing website for content changes, HTML code changes, and website availability. If a change is detected or if we’re unable to reach a website, the ChangeTower platform will notify selected users and user groups of the change.
  • Alert your entire team when your site goes offline.
  • πŸ‘‰ We'll check your site every single minute from around the world. β € πŸ“ž Get notified by email, SMS text or phone call on any downtime! β € 🌍 Get insights on your website's global load speeds. β € πŸšͺ Find out when your site is down before your customers!
  • Updown is an online service that checks your website's status by periodically sending an HTTP request to the URL of your choice. It then notifies you by email or sms when your website is not responding correctly.
  • is a free website monitoring tool which allows users to track up to 10 websites and get alerted when their site is down or is having trouble. Downtime root cause analysis is included in the free plan to help users diagnose and fix issues.
  • Website monitoring, instant alerts, SEO analyzer and more
  • Website monitoring & escalation service