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5 alternative and related products to Stack Decisions

Stack Decisions
An easy way to share why you chose the tools in your stack

Quickly explain what's in your stack & instantly get in front of the growing StackShare community of 250K+ developers. Decisions are longer than a tweet & much shorter than a Medium post.

We’re launching this w/some of the most ❤️ tools on StackShare, including Microsoft .NET, DigitalOcean, Postman, Codecov, Auth0, Algolia, Kong, Sentry, & Zulip

5 Alternatives to Stack Decisions

Discover what runs a website in one click 🖥️ 🔍

WhatRuns is a free technology lookup tool for developers, designers and salespeople to discover the technologies used on any website.

Available for free on Chrome and Firefox.

Jijo Sunny
Jijo Sunny- founder, and
Best way to lookup the tech stack of a website (any website).
Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Whatruns is incredibly useful to learn about the elements that run in the backend of a website.
Manoj Krishnapillai
Manoj Krishnapillai- Maker @
Our team uses WhatRuns to understand if our prospects are using any of our competitors. It is simple and intuitive tool to do a quick analysis of your prospects.
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Make Tech Easier
WhatRuns extension is one click away for you to find technologies used on any website you visit. From Developer Tools and Ad Networks to Wordpress Plugins and Themes, we detect even the new and upcoming tools and services.
Hacker Noon
In this article I won't be talking about big front end frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue etc... nor already popular code editors like Atom, VS Code, Sublime... I simply want to share a list of tools I find useful for speeding up a developer's workflow.
Sorry about the occasional false detections. We are looking into this. This is largely because we detect a considerably large number of technologies/plugins compared to our counterparts. Lots of possibilities for false pattern recognition etc. Rest assured our team is working round the clock to improve accuracy and add more technologies/plugins.
Indie Hackers See more
Si estás interesado en conocer qué tecnología hay integradas tras los sitios web que visitan esta es una imperdible recomendación. WhatRuns es una nueva extensión para Chrome que te permitirá detectar y mostrar información con respecto a los marcos, herramientas analíticas, sistemas de gestión de contenidos, temas, plugins, tipografías, sólo por mencionar al… See more
Product Hunt
The summer is often a slow season in the business world. But, not for startups-August was as busy a month as ever for incredible new product launches, and great product extensions from some of our favorite companies.
Webdesigner Depot
Fall into something new this time of year, with a collection of challenges, tutorials and new tools to speed up your workflows. This month's collection of new design and development tools is sure to inspire you to try something a little different or add a new skill or tool to your repertoire.
What powers the sites you use every day? What language was it programmed in? What fonts does it use? How does it track people who visit? Those details usually take some digging to uncover-but a new browser extension for Chrome called WhatRuns instantly surfaces the tools and programs that power any website on the internet.
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Share products you use at work,explore what others are using

Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma- Full Stack Developer @ Siftery
Simple and elegant UI
Ayan Barua
Ayan Barua- Cofounder, Siftery
I might be totally biased here folks, but honestly, it's gotta be Siftery! Some of the things we are building now will spice it up even more.
Gerry Giacoman Colyer
Gerry Giacoman Colyer- Siftery / Make the world a smaller place
Voted 2016 Community Product of the Year by Product Hunters!
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When companies have to pick what kinds of services they want for their operation - like marketing or human resources - they can easily be paralyzed by choice. That's why Vamshi Mokshagundam and Ayan Barua decided to start Siftery, a database of sorts where companies list their software stacks.
We've seen a massive change in the enterprise software market in the last dozen years and it can be described by four numbers (20, 10, 12, and 4).
NewCo Shift
Get Shift Done: Management Adding a new online solution to the lineup your company already uses can be a challenge. After all, how do you know they'll all work together? It used to take a time-consuming combination of research and trial and error to answer that question. That is, until Siftery came along.
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