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A database that you can query with a spreadsheet!


Create a database, as easily as a spreadsheet

Adam Teece- Marketing Scientist,
I just learned about Fieldbook and it seems great. Just like Excel but you can link notebooks, and columns etc to be more relational database style.
John Ababseh- Epiphany Enthusiast
I like using fieldbook for managing and organizing contacts!
Allan Caeg- Founder,
They're spreadsheets that work great as CRMs and project trackers. Unlike your typical spreadsheet, you can click on an entry. For example, you can click a project (that's associated to a client). That will bring you to a project's page and show all its metadata.
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Realtime spreadsheet-database hybrid

Krystel Leal- Founder Nomadismo Digital Portugal
Can't imagine my life without Airtable :)
Lauren L Perfors- President of Lawton Digital
FINALLY found something that can serve as my CRM and project management tool. Also perform some basic accounting and expense functions right in it. AirTable has effectively replaced what was at least 5 separate spreadsheets + project management + functionality I just didn't have the ability to store and organize before.
Clint Gardiner- Product Manager
Easily create and customize databases for anything you can think of. Unlimited custom views per database (list, gallery, kanban, calendar, form) to suit your needs and preferences that can be shared with anyone. You control who sees what. Use hosted forms to capture data (new leads, customer info, etc). Great mobile app for creating and updating records and … See more
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Fastest web spreadsheet for Big Data

Keikai is designed and architected for big data. With frame-based rendering and super light-weight data structure, it is the fastest web spreadsheet regardless of size.

Keikai & You
Keikai - けいかい 【軽快】 - Nimble, and Mighty. Hi, I am Henri, founder of Keikai. It has been more than 40 years since the first spreadsheet was invented. As time goes by, spreadsheet has been invented, reinvented, dropped, picked up and put online. Even on our mobile devices.
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