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9 alternative and related products to Rootd

Anxiety and panic attack relief for iOS & Android

Rootd is panic attack & anxiety relief right in your pocket.

This female-founded app blends engaging design with lessons and exercises (like a panic button, deep breathing tool, and guided visualizations), to help users find immediate and long term relief from anxiety and panic attacks.

9 Alternatives to Rootd

A chatbot for people who struggle with anxiety

Pocketcoach is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that helps people who struggle with anxiety.

In short daily conversations, users learn and practice the skills to cope with uncomfortable feelings, negative thoughts and unhelpful behaviors.

Philipp Omenitsch
Philipp Omenitsch- Startup founder
Recommending pocketcoach, reasons for not being able to sleep are plentiful, however often anxiety or stress are the underlying reason. Pocketcoach helps you work on yourself long-term to build the right skills to cope while providing short term relieve with exercises
9 Alternatives to Pocketcoach

I'm our personal assistant to get in control of social anxiety and build a more confident, happier you.

I was designed by psychiatrist Dr. Jose Hamilton using the latest scientific research on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and crafted by a super tech team to deliver a fun and engaging experience.

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6 Alternatives to Social Anxiety App

Anxiety and stress relief in minutes

Who needs anxiety in their life? Not us. That's why we created Levium. It's a liquid supplement in a convenient 1oz shot that provides anxiety relief in minutes with no side effects using all natural ingredients.

Levium is now available for pre-order on Please help us make Levium available and get your per-order now!

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Entrepreneurs need to make rapid decisions and act quickly in order to thrive. But those suffering from anxiety - which affects around 40 million Americans a year - actually make decisions with lessclarity. And since running a startup often leads to problems like depression and anxiety, entrepreneurs should all prioritize their mental health a little more th… See more
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Anxiety can be a difficult demon to deal with on a daily basis. to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( ) Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S, affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18% of the population.
The Sociable
Anxiety has always plagued mankind. Historically there has always been lots for the human mind to worry about- where one might get their next meal, high infant mortality rates, enemies with pointy swords, polio... Though many of the old threats have changed, nowadays, more people seem to be suffering from anxiety than ever before.
Stress, uncertainty, long hours, and isolation are some of the reasons why workers in the tech sector are more vulnerable to anxiety and depression than persons in other industries. Add to this causes like feeling that your work is not being recognized (tech managers tend to be task rather than people oriented), or the feeling of not being listened to or bei… See more
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