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Top alternatives for Plan

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  • Any.do 2.0

    Collaborative to-do list app
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  • Talllly

    A team to-do list that keeps score.
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  • Lyster

    Lyster is the Effortless Task Management app

    Keep your Task List Short and Manageable with Intuitive Swipes - Postponing the Tasks that doesn't require your valuable Immediate Focus - and completing tasks as you Get Things Done.

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  • Year Glance

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    Year Glance is a premium year planning tool that connects all your online calendars into one beautiful view. Set your year with purpose.
    - Google & Microsoft Calendar integration
    - Secure, we can't handle event data
    - Highly customisable
    - Printable
  • LystOf 2.0

    LystOf lets you create curated list of things/items on any topic and also allows to collaborate on different lists. Additionally one can create private list & items, with each item having an option to be marked as seen for efficient interaction.

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  • 2021 Planner

    The 2021 Planner helps you align your daily activities, with your yearly goals, so you can make consistent progress towards them.
  • Space911

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    Creators & Developers Rejoice!

    Our API's offer activities planning and booking software tools for your end users. We connect your Brands users or organizations employees to all the activities being hosted by members of your community or organization.

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