Alternative products to Notion 2.3

13 alternative and related products to Notion 2.3

Notion 2.3
Notions big update, now with Evernote import and web clipper
Notion 2.3 comes with a swath of new updates including a new simple import tool for Evernote, a new web clipper and much more.
13 Alternatives to Notion 2.3

Collaboration tool built for teams

Dropbox Paper is a place where you and your team can generate ideas together over an internet connection. Share any type of content, make changes to what you already have and get notified when someone else makes suggestions. The creativity flow has always better when teamwork.

Shivam Dewan
Shivam Dewan- Design Guy. Product Guy
Well designed and as dropbox user, works well for me. Though I love Bear much more cos of nesting architecture but paper is available literally everywhere that's one of reason, I used paper as my default note taking app. P.S Please make a native app for mac as well 🙏
Dan S
Dan S- iOS Engineer
Paper is great for team collaboration! I work at Junto ( and we use Dropbox Paper for almost every internal document. It's simple and powerful
Stefan Theofilos
Stefan Theofilos- Product Designer, Entrepreneur
I've recently started using Dropbox Paper. I love the simple UI of it.
54 Alternatives to Dropbox Paper

The popular note-taking app, re-designed for iOS

Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Clean and simple, minimalistic interface, features such as PDF upload, PDF annotations, web clipper and the added bonus of maintaining sync across all my Android, iOS and desktop devices.
Kesava Mandiga
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Some friends swear by it, some don't. Supposed to be really good for note taking, duh, but also does lists and task tracking.
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14 Alternatives to Evernote 8.0

Run your remote team easily. Like standups, only better.

Make managing remote teams less painful. Run daily check-ins that are actually easy and fun. Like standups, only better. Range works with Slack, Jira, GitHub, and more to make check-ins a breeze.

Kingshuk Mukherjee
Kingshuk Mukherjee- Good copy is good interface design.
I'm a copywriter who works with designers, creative agencies, authors and more. All of my work lives on Notion. But Notion has been rough with the project management side of things. It's hard to know what got done and what's being worked on. I may change a status of a project from "in process" to "shipped", but my partners won't know unless they are pinged. … See more
Jennifer Dennard
Jennifer Dennard- Helping teams work better @rangelabs
Range makes writing and sharing updates easy. Integrations with Google Docs, Jira, Slack, and more mean that most of your update is already written for you. Plus, Range summarizes and aggregates the information over time so it's easily to get a weekly, monthly, or even yearly digest.
Michael Boykin
Michael Boykin- Marketer and writer
Range lets you easily write daily updates to share with your team. It also integrates with tools like Jira, Asana, GitHub, Trello and more to suggest items to include in your update. If you've updated a Google Doc or create a pull request, Range will remind you and suggest it for your next update. Super helpful!
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JAKE: You left Google Ventures, where you spent years coaching startups, and founded a startup of your own. What that was like? BRADEN: It's challenging in a good way. Startups push you hard to grow, which is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it's amazing to grow so fast.
Quartz at Work
In 1967 Mel Conway proposed that organizations inevitably produce systems that are reflections of their communication structures.
6 Alternatives to Range

Bookmarking and note taking. For free.

Kollate is a bookmarking and note taking tool. Think of it as a much better version of Pocket, Evernote, and Google Keep combined. This is the last personal knowledge management tool you will ever need. For free.

Suraj Keshri
Suraj Keshri- Founder,
Kollate allows you to bookmark and take beautiful. It's free and definitely worth trying.
Suraj Keshri
Suraj Keshri- Founder,
It's the new kid in the block. Kollate is more of a personal knowledge management tool. Currently, there is no collaboration feature. Think of it as Pocket + Keep + Evernote. It has the best note taking browser extension that no other tools mentioned above offers. You can even take screenshots and add it to your note while you are watching a YouTube video. G… See more
Suraj Keshri
Suraj Keshri- Founder,
This is the only browser extension for both bookmarking and rich note taking. Think of it as Pocket and Evernote combined. I always wanted to have a good personal knowledge management tool so I built this. Please check it out.
6 Alternatives to Kollate

All your documents and notes in one place 👀

Get access to the notes and documents you need, right when you need them. Connect FYI to Evernote, plus G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Confluence, Quip, Airtable and more to find your documents no matter where they are.

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Legendary investor, programmer, and Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham once wrote that one of the best ways to come up with ideas for your next startup is to ask what product you wish someone else would make for you. For Stepan Pachikov, founder of Evernote, that product was a way to help him remember things.
5 Alternatives to FYI + Evernote

Spend less time planning and more time doing

With NotePlan you get serious work done. It helps you to spend less time planning and more time doing. It lets you track your work and get things quickly out of your head, so you have the headspace to be creative - that’s what brains are made for.

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Deux ans et demi après sa première version, NotePlan a droit à une mise à jour majeure. NotePlan 2 rassemble toujours un calendrier, un carnet de notes et une liste de tâches (les événements et les tâches peuvent être synchronisés avec le calendrier iCloud et Rappels).
Nachdem die App heute in komplett überarbeiteter Version 2 erschienen ist, küren wir sie zur App des Tages und wollen Euch das Update kurz vorstellen. Es kombiniert einen Kalender mit Notizen und Tagebuchfunktion. Dank des neuen, dreiteiligen Layouts könnt Ihr nicht nur den heutigen und kommenden Tag, sondern auch direkt Wochen und Monate im Voraus planen.
Thanks to NotePlan for sponsoring this week! I started using Noteplan when it first came out and have been impressed with how refined it's become over time. The concept of using Markdown files for planning, scheduling, and note-taking is brilliant, but it takes some special execution to make it work.
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5 Alternatives to NotePlan 2 on macOS

A central place for work, designed for collaboration

Montera is a central place for work, no matter what industry your are in.
It's a technology-driven platform to fully sustain your work requirements, from discussing with your collaborators to setting up any day-to-day processes you might need.

5 Alternatives to Montera V4

Streamline your workflow with Quire Kanban board

Quire is a modern collaborative app made to help visionary teams with big ideas. Like yours. We humans have a drive to achieve great things. It is in our bones. And it is what Quire was born for. Featured as one of the best project management software on Inc and Huffington Post.

Peggy Chang
Peggy Chang
- FREE! - list view with endless tasks and subtasks - kanban board - multiple assignees - comments area, update in real-time, allowing me to discuss matters with teammates - set due dates - add tags, great for organizing tasks (filtering and sorting) - migrate from other tools: Asana, Trello, Wunderlist, etc.
Vicky Pham
Vicky Pham
Everyone loves the simplicity of Quire - straightforward and super user-friendly. No matter if you want to use Quire for personal use or for your team, the tool really does help you organize everything. Quire has the nested/hierarchical task list which not a lot of the other apps in the same category offers. Also, the independent Kanban board is a huge plus!… See more
Quinn Lannister
Quinn Lannister
+1 for the most simple tool to help me organize my life!
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Quire & You
Hello Quire squad, we have some great news for all of you! One of the long-awaited features that all of our users have been requesting has come to life. Today we are super excited that we have brought our famous Kanban Board to your Mobile App.
5 Alternatives to Quire Mobile 3.0

Format any raw text on iOS and more 📝

Text Case is a universal iOS app that makes formatting text quick and easy. All formats can be copied with juset one tap, and you can access them via the Share sheet, or with Siri Shortcuts.

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I wrote about Text Case last July, and it's been a staple of my iOS usage ever since. On the Mac, I use Alfred to do all of my case changing, but it doesn't exist as a iOS app. For writ...
The reason why it wasn't a simple update, is that The app has been completely rebuilt. This includes a new way of organising individual formats into groups, and a new design that fits. There are four new formats to use: Emoji, Rot13, Base64 Encoded, and Base64 Decoded.
Chris Hannah
It's taken a while, but I'm very glad to announce that Text Case 2.0 is finally available! The reason why it wasn't a simple update, is that The app has been completely rebuilt. This includes a new way of organising individual formats into groups, and a new design that fits.
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9 Alternatives to Text Case 2.0
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