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Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN alternatives and competitors

2 reviews
- Device-level encryption
- 280+ servers in 30+ countries
- No bandwidth restrictions
- No logging of your network activity
- Connect up to 5 devices

Top alternatives for Mozilla VPN

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  • Warp

    3 reviews
    When the Internet was built, computers weren’t mobile. The assumptions made 30 years ago are now making your Internet experience slow and insecure. w/ Warp replaces the connection between your phone and the Internet with a modern, optimized, protocol.
  • Tunnello VPN

    Tunnello is a next Gen of VPN, based on a new technology that makes Tunnello 10x faster than other VPNs. Our goal is to create the prefect VPN, simple to use, reliable & affordable. You can give a try directly on our website get 7-day free trial (credit card required but nothing is charged until the end of the trial).

  • Aloha Browser

    1 review

    Aloha Browser is a mobile web browser that provides maximum privacy and security. It includes free and unlimited VPN and powerful downloader

    Well done to the developers -they haven’t let success go to their heads and turned into greedy coporate fat cats! Their dedication to GDPR i…

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  • Namecheap VPN

    2 reviews

    Namecheap's new VPN service is the secure, unlimited, ultra-reliable VPN solution you've been waiting for! Stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks, keep your sensitive data hidden, and change your virtual location to unlock the Internet. Our world-class VPN operates in over 40 countries.

  • SatoshiVPN

    3 reviews
    SatoshiVPN lets you securely access the open internet at streaming-ready speeds by installing the user-friendly, open-source VPN software, Outline, on a private server located near you.
  • WARP by Cloudflare

    WARP free VPN for desktop encrypts all the traffic from your machine and sends it directly to Cloudflare’s edge, ensuring that no one in between is snooping your data — including your ISP. Keeps your traffic secure, private and fast.
  • ClearVPN

    2 reviews
    ClearVPN by MacPaw is the first effortless VPN for a personalized and secure online experience. The app offers ready-made solutions that instantly adjust user’s network settings to the current needs: access content, unblock sites, encrypt the connection, etc.
  • Keepsafe VPN

    8 reviews

    Keepsafe VPN App for iOS and Android protects your privacy on public Wi-Fi and hotsposts, hiding your location so you can freely visit any site.

    There's nothing complicated about a VPN. Love the sleek and simple UI. Not plagued by ads, either.

  • Confirmed VPN

    The first and only VPN with completely open source code and continuous audits by third parties.

  • CyberGhost VPN 7.0

    2 reviews

    Become digitally invisible with CyberGhost VPN and get your data protected. Stay safe & secure as you move across the web and between your gadgets.

    Excellent 24/7 Support

  • Private Internet Access

    1 review
    $40/yr VPN w/ unlimited bandwidth & worldwide gateways
  • Your VPN

    VPNs can't be trusted. The free ones are open about invading your privacy and selling your data (they're slow too). While the paid ones promise not to sell your data, it's easy and profitable for them to do so. Running your own server is the best option.
  • Tunnello VPN - Android App

    2 reviews

    Tunnello is a simple but powerful VPN available worldwide available on Android and Google Chrome. In our App we offer different modes of connection depending on your need: Normal, Speed and Privacy Mode. Privacy Mode will help you bypass any censorship or network restriction, like in China.

    I definitely recommend trying :)

  • WifiMask VPN

    Fast, simple and secure VPN
  • Betterspot VPN Router

    Online security & privacy for all devices and platforms
  • Connecto VPN

    1 review

    The Internet has failed to be safe. Connecto VPN fixes everything that's wrong with the Internet by making your connection more private and secure. Give a try to the high speed and low price of Connecto VPN.

    Using it from beta-test to now and it's uptime like 99%. Suggest to anyone for safe internet.

  • Tailscale

    2 reviews
    Tailscale is a zero config VPN for building secure networks. Install on any device in minutes. Remote access from any network or physical location. Built on WireGuard®.
  • Encrypt.me

    Encrypt.me will ensure that you are protected from browser leaking, Wi-Fi eavesdropping, broadband spying. Automatically secure on unknown network. 14 days free trial. Plans option: single, team, family, passes (week/month/year) and mini plan.

  • KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is your all-in-one solution for protection which now offers a new cybersecurity feature - DNS Firewall. It brings an additional layer of online protection to the table by blocking malicious or suspicious traffic and inappropriate content.
  • WirtBot

    Fast, safe, secure, private and completely free. No compromises!
    WirtBot® is a new high-tech VPN builder from Germany.
    Built on WireGuard® to bring your life into the cloud - under your control.