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24 alternative and related products to Mental Screening

Mental Screening
Self-tests to screen for common mental health issues.

Should you get help? I made interactive, auto-calculated mental health self-tests presented in simple, step-by-step user interface.

The self-tests, or "questionnaires", are made according to validated/peer-reviewed psychological questionnaires made by mental health professionals/academics - all have been used in clinical/research settings.

24 Alternatives to Mental Screening

Zenify was designed to enrich your life by periodically interjecting simple meditation assignments and mindfulness reminders into your everyday activities. These prompts will coach you to live with more awareness of the present moment. Tune in to your senses and install Zenify now (available in 10 languages)

2.5 years now :) it's been ok, but we are about to pivot and launch a mindfulness and focus training bots for Telegram and Slack! Subscribe here to learn first when we launch!
thomas ross
thomas ross
A handy combination of behaviors and habits to focus on.
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Tap in.
Android/iOS: Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword lately, but what it essentially comes down to is being present and focused. For some of us, this takes effort, and Zenify can help you work on it. People are often skeptical of mindfulness and meditation, writing it off as a touchy-feely, New Age principle.
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Bloom is a video fitness app for your emotional health by combining interactive videos with guided journaling exercises and breathing meditations.
Key features:
📱Interactive Video Classes
📝 Guided Journaling Exercises
🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️ Breathing Meditations

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Feels FM is an emoji-powered jukebox made in collaboration with mental health charity See Me. The jukebox aims to create a playful, interactive space where young people can share how they are feeling without the pressure of having to have a ‘big conversation’.

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For a long time I have suffered w/ anxiety & recently much more acute OCD. As a data nerd I wanted an app to track the effects that lifestyle has on mental health and also give a more objective view of the effectiveness of medicines & therapy.

I built it for myself but I hope that by making it public it will help at least one other person. 😊

Adam Greenough
Adam Greenough
Track and visualize your mental wellbeing (mental health).
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Thank you all so much for joining Vividwell, more than 150 people have signed up during our first week. By popular demand, custom fields have been added. There have also been some minor housekeeping updates to the Vividwell platform. Lots of exciting new features in the pipeline. Stay tuned!
100 members! Thank you all for your support. Lots more work to be done and some exciting new features on the way. 😄💯🎉
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Remente is a system of tools and insights to help you lead a richer, happier and healthier life, based on how the brain works and performs. Maintain focus & direction while managing stress & work-life balance.

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The Next Web
Remente recently released several new features for its personal development app. Until now it's only been available on iOS and Android, but it's also launched a web beta for premium users. One of the best digital life coaches available continues to get better. Among the new features included in the latest update: Me tab: a ...
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18percent is a free (always will be) Slack community focused on mental health. Chat with people who are empathetic to what you're going through. Have the chance to help others all while staying anonymous if you choose so.

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This online mental health community lets people remain anonymous but still access 24/7 help
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Mental Health Boot Camp is an online wellness platform for people of all ages. Created by a top-notch team of mental health experts, the Boot Camp’s rigorous and varied curriculum is hand-crafted to boost your awareness, self-control, and well-being.

30 Alternatives to Mental Health Boot Camp

We’re stronger when we take care of ourselves together—that’s why Shine’s Daily Discussion feature allows you to support and connect with other members of the community who are making self-care a priority, too.

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If there's a word that sums up our hopes and dreams for 2020, it's community. Shine was born out of community. When our co-founders Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi met in 2011, they were struggling with their own anxiety, stress, and even depression-and they found community within each other.
It's finally here. The end of a decade, and the beginning of something new. The 2010s were big, exciting, scary, challenging, growth-filled years for us. We met each other. We started this company. Raised tens of millions of dollars. Grew into a community of 4 million.
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A free personal guide to help you understand, treat & prevent depression and improve your mental health. Flow represents a new chapter in the understanding and treatment of depression, based on the latest psychology and neuroscience research.

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Silicon Canals
This article will take you 4 minute(s) to read , a medical device and therapy app startup company from Malmo, Sweden which treats depression has now released its chatbot therapist. The medical device company also launched a brain stimulation headset for treatment of depression in June 2019, the first and only medically approved at-home treatment of its kind … See more
Malmö-based Flow Neuroscience, a medical device company that has created a neurostimulation headset to combat depression, has released a new chatbot therapist to aid in the treatment of depression. In June, Flow Neuroscience launched its brain stimulation headset treatment for depression in the UK - the first and only medically approved at-home treatment of … See more
10 Alternatives to Flow for Depression

Prashanth Ramachandran
Prashanth Ramachandran
This Product is simple and easy to use. I use this app om daily basis.
ssss amstrup
ssss amstrup
I use it every morning when I wake up to meditate. No matter how I've slept it helps me reset and get a great start on my day. I've recently started to exercise after I meditate in the morning and this makes for an even greater start on my day, clearing my mind and boosting my energy from the get-go.
Pushpak Chakraborty
Pushpak Chakraborty
So many meditation apps out there, but have you ever wondered how many are really true to the practice? Aware comes from the land of origin of meditation - India, and is created by teachers with decades of experiences in studying the vast subject. The app is absolutely simple, just like the way they teach meditation, and stays absolutely true to the practice… See more
6 Alternatives to Aware

Socionity is a marketplace where people with skills across the board can extend help to those who need them.

One can find personal one-on-one help for their particular tasks and can tip the helper for their time and effort.

The community is driven by helping each other complete their tasks.

Please use the invite code : "beta-ph" for a bounty!

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Remember the last time someone thanked you sincerely? Got more than what your 9 to 5 job demands? Socionity now enables you to micro-cooperate with people around the world. See more
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