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12 alternative and related products to Meditation Trainer

Meditation Trainer
A simple guided-meditation web app that teaches you to relax
12 Alternatives to Meditation Trainer

Meditation and breathing exercises

Welcome to Oak 2.0.

- Introducing "Loving Kindness" guided meditation

- New redesign with hand-painted icons

- New badges to unlock as you progress

Marc Anthony Card
Marc Anthony Card
Simple and straight to the point. Intuitive to use. Really have been enjoying that app compared to others I've tried.
Emily Grant
Emily Grant- Hi, Nice to meet you.
It helps me sleep a good night.
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16 Alternatives to Oak Meditation 2.0

3-Minute meditations, personalized by AI 😃

Ureeda Asim
Ureeda Asim- Content Creator | Content Marketer
Aura app, by far is the most effective sleep/meditation app of 2019. It fits with your schedule and attention span and uses Machine Learning to customise your meditations. You can even track your progress overtime. The best part is, you get 24/7 access to it for lifetime in their premium subscription. If you are looking to relieve chronic stress or revive … See more
8 Alternatives to Aura

An emotion-based meditation and mindfulness app

Daniel Bakh
Daniel Bakh- geek
Great interface with nice gamification features. Lots of free content.
Frederik Waller
Frederik Waller- Product @ N26
Great alternative to Headspace with more free content available. However, I have to admit, the narrator from Headspace is better and more relaxing.
Ela Mazurkiewicz
Ela Mazurkiewicz
My favorite one! I started my meditation practice using Stop, Breathe & Think. It helped me to relax and manage anxiety and stress. I believe that it's perfect for beginners.
9 Alternatives to Stop, Breathe & Think

An easy to use meditation and mindfulness coach in Spanish

Bambú is an app for iOS and Android that helps you take a few minutes per day to meditate and focus on yourself.

We offer guided sessions in Spanish, for beginners and for more advanced meditators. We have great meditations that are ideal to do at work in between meetings. Also for topics like: productivity, anxiety, depression and more to come.

11 Alternatives to Bambú Meditation and Mindfulness

A simple, distraction-free meditation timer

Minutes is a simple, beautiful, meditation timer for android.

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Last year, I found myself affected by all the conundrum around me, I realized that I stopped looking at myself both physically, mentally and spiritually. Somewhere I lost the connect I had with myself and my surroundings. I wasn't clinically depressed or entrapped in the spiral of anxiety but I was standing on the edge.
A tool that assists with meditation should be distraction free and simple. We made Minutes for ourselves, mostly out of necessity. We looked at the android market for an app that did only a few things but did them well.
I was on my way back to India from Nepal on a cold October night, in a government bus which was on its last legs. My feet were cramped between two people for almost 12 hours without much movement.
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8 Alternatives to Strive Minutes
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