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Flow alternatives and competitors

1 review
Flow's latest release is out, and you can now ship Lottie and Animated SVG Files! It's an awesome tool for UI Animations (or animations in general), it's easy to use and really powerful.

Top alternatives for Flow

Jotform Apps
Create powerful apps with no code
  • Kite Compositor

    2 reviews

    Kite is a native animation and prototyping design tool for the Mac. It features an intuitive timeline editor, WYSIWYG canvas, and a robust scripting interface. The iOS companion app, Kite Compositor for iOS, allows you to interact with your Kite designs right on your iPhone or iPad.

    Kite Compositor is my new go-to prototyping tool. As a long time iOS developer, most of my prototyping was just done in Xcode because I had …

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  • Flow

    3 reviews

    Built for designers and developers, Flow lets you easily animate designs and generate production-ready code that a developer can use right away. Import Sketch Designs. Make Animations. Export Dev-ready Code.

    I've been anticipating this launch since the Alpha! I was in one of the beta groups several months back and really liked the product then, …

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  • Framer Motion 2

    3 reviews
    The latest updates to Motion build on top of the libraries powerful existing functionality. The new layout animation API means anyone using Motion can now automatically animate between layouts and even between entirely different components.
  • Lottie Animations by Iconscout

    Free options
    A library of over 10,000 Lottie Animations for you to enhance your designs. Drive more engagement and improve your user experience with animations that you can use anywhere: web, app, social media, presentations, and more. Say bye to static images.
  • LottieFiles Mobile App

    2 reviews
    Test Lottie animations for mobile from the LottieFiles website, After Effects, or Adobe Animate plugins. Easily send animations as Lottie, GIF, or MP4 to your stakeholders. Access 1000s of Lottie animations anytime, anywhere, while on the go. And much more!
  • UI Motion Kit

    UI motion kit is a collection of more than 20 delightful UI animation for After Effects combined into 6 user mobile flows. It's designed to help understand the creation process behind and boost and boos your creative workflow.

  • Visual Flows

    Visual Flows is user flow kit. Simple design process can be here. All components use shared styles and fully customizable Components
  • LottieFiles for VS Code

    1 review
    You can now speed up your workflow right from within your VS Code environment.
    Here are some key features of the plugin:
    - Preview Lottie files
    - Edit Lottie files
    - Search through animations on LottieFiles
    - Extract and view a dotLottie file and its contents
  • React Simple Animate

    1 review
    React Simple Animate focus on developer experience to deliver UI animation with ease.

    I've been looking for something like this for a while. Thumbs up for the sequences.