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Eye Yoga
Improve eyesight, relieve eye strain and prevent presbyopia.
The Eye Yoga application is based on the Bates method to set up eye exercises to improve your eyesight, relieve eye fatigue and prevent presbyopia.
These exercises coupled with a healthy diet and good hydrations will help your eyes keep their youth.
18 Alternatives to Eye Yoga

RealEye is a online webcam eye-tracking platform for optimizing UX and discovering users unconscious behavior.

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RealEye - See exactly what users see, not just where they click!. (Analytics and Tech) Read the opinion of 50 influencers. Discover 3 alternatives like HotJar Insights and Hotjar v1
Cuando los visitantes se dirigen a una página o sitio web, generalmente enfocan su atención en determinadas zonas de la pantalla del ordenador, o...
Do you want to see what your users see? Eye-tracking solutions sounds really tempting but unfortunately laboratory tests cost thousands of dollars and require special hardware tied to labs. On top of that you need a specialists who will take care of your study...
The Real Daily
One of the beauties of the Internet era is the data we can see on direct consumer behaviors. Heat maps and website analytics can allow us to see how consumers actually act. However, unconscious behaviors, the kind that lead to actions taken on a site or app, continue to elude us.
Publikacja produktu na platformie Product Hunt zajmuje ok. 5 minut. Każdy może się tam zarejestrować i zamieścić informację o swojej firmie. Jednak warto wiedzieć, że przy odrobinie wysiłku, zwykła publikacja na PH może przynieść wykładniczo większy zwrot. Product Hunt (PH) to społeczność skupiona wokół gadżetów i nowinek technologicznych.
Po spuštění každého produktu přijde ta část, kdy je potřeba vylepšovat, iterovat jednotlivé změny a zkoušet, co bude na uživatele fungovat nejlépe. Může to být jiný text, jiná ilustrace nebo fotka, uspořádání elementů na stránce nebo posunutí videa níže - cokoliv může rozhodnout o tom, zda se někdo například registruje nebo si produkt koupí.
Por: Juan Diego Polo Existen varios proyectos que consiguen rastrear el movimiento del ratón de los visitantes de un sitio web, generando así un mapa de calor de las zonas que reciben más clicks dentro de una página específica. Ese tipo de aplicaciones ayudan a identificar problemas, ya que a menudo muestran si las personas hacen ...
Emlak Broker, emlak profesyonelliği dünyasında Türkiye ve dünyadaki yenilikleri ve gelişmeleri yakından takip ederek araştıran ve analiz eden Türkiye'nin en popüler emlak pazarlama ve teknoloji blogudur. Emlak sektörünün IQ seviyesini ileriye taşımayı hedefleyen Emlak Broker, global dünyadaki güncel ve yeni emlak girişimlerini ve bu alandaki teknolojik geliş… See more
Explore the software, services, and tools that RealEye uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
29 Alternatives to RealEye - Eye tracking

This Mac app reminds you to take a 20-second break every 20 minutes to look at something 20 ft (6 m) away. Taking breaks this often preserves your eyes from strain.

No eye strain means no eye-related problems (dry/irritated eyes, blurred vision, fatigue, headache), which can appear because of focusing on a computer screen for too long.

Alex Chernikov
Alex Chernikov
This app helps to get rid of eye strain by reminding to take breaks. Breaks For Eyes doesn’t treat you as a disciplined person who’d start taking breaks without skipping right away. Instead, it helps you to make it a habit.
Alex Chernikov
Alex Chernikov
Simple app which helps eyes to rest enough. Enough rest = no eye strain = no eye-related problems.
Alex Chernikov
Alex Chernikov
Take breaks is what you should do daily. Breaks help your body and eyes rest. Enough rest = no strain, no strain = no eye-related and many more problems. By eliminating strain you can get rid of a headache, fatigue, dry or irritated eyes.
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Apps created for the Mac often don't receive as much attention as apps made for iOS devices, so we have a bi-monthly series here at MacRumors...
We're a super-small Vienna-based company, which consists of only 2 people. Our major project is for language learners -  Reji. The other project is a translator app. How did we end up making an eye-care Mac app, you may ask? Here's a quick wrap-up! As you may see on the profile pic above, I'm wearing glasses.
After I was quite stunned with a significant eyesight drop in my recent vision test, I spent 2 months researching how to use a computer with no harm to my health, and eyes in particular. I found out that regular breaks is probably the most important thing if don't want your eyes to burn and to feel squeezed out at the end of the day.
Ever wondered that you can get scoliosis or repetitive strain injury of wrists because of sitting for too long? I'm explaining how to overcome them below, even if the job requires you to be best friends with your office chair. Sitting harms your body - no matter if in front of a computer, TV or even while reading a book.
In this post, I'll tell you how I got rid of a headache, dry eyes, eye strain, fatigue and slowed down worsening of my eyesight (or, I hope, even stopped) with 5 simple tricks. Everyone has heard that computers harm our eyes at least once in their life.
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3 Alternatives to Breaks For Eyes

Working long hours looking at a screen can harm the eyes. This simple and elegant tool reminds you to take short breaks doing some excersises (looking at far distance, rotating eyes, having some water, ... or your custome breaks) to reset your eyes.

8 Alternatives to Safe Eyes

Control macOS's "Night Shift" feature directly from the command line! You can turn it on and off, pick a color temperature, and even set a daily schedule. Protect your eyes and avoid circadian-rhythm-disrupting blue light all without leaving your terminal!

9 Alternatives to nightlight

Gazeify is an analytical tool that has successfully achieved accurate mobile eye-tracking using software only technology. By leveraging AI and machine learning methods, we process user gaze data and produce scalable metrics to help App Designers and Marketers track user's attention, improve their UI/UX and ultimately drive user behavior outcomes.

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Eye tracking metrics can be valuable tools for marketers and designers to explore key insight regarding user mindset and underlying behaviors that are hard to be detected leveraging conventional means. According to a post by UX Research Articles, there are certain limitations that prevent researchers and UX designers from grasping mobile user insights accura… See more
8 Alternatives to Gazeify

Zicht Glasses are anti blue light gaming glasses collection aimed to protect our eyes from glare and harmful light emitted from mobile phone, laptop and TV where we spent most of our time on.

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1.REDUCES DIGITAL EYE STRAIN.Eye strain, dry eyes and headaches are the common symptoms of spending too much time in front of a digital screen. Zicht lens design has extra focusing power providing you with sharper and clearer vision.
6 Alternatives to Zicht Glasses
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