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The best alternatives to Blaeberry are Streak, Eye Yoga, and Task List. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Blaeberry
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Once-a-day trivia contests on your iOS lock screen

  • The Eye Yoga application is based on the Bates method to set up eye exercises to improve your eyesight, relieve eye fatigue and prevent presbyopia. These exercises coupled with a healthy diet and good hydration...

  • Task List is a personal Task manager and To-Do List App for iPhone and iPad that helps to be more productive. Easily create and manage Your Tasks, To-Do Lists, Notes, Events in one App. Set reminders for Events...

  • Written in SwiftUI and with 3D exercise animations throughout the app, Treeceps is one of the most impressive Apple Watch apps ever. ⠀ On Series 4 or newer Treeceps provides an experience that you've probably n...

  • Prevent eyestrain following the 20-20 rule. Take a 20-second break from screens every 20 minutes and look something far away. The App will help you keep track of time and remind you when it's time to take a bre...

  • a gaming app