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Clearbit Company Logo API

Clearbit Company Logo API alternatives and competitors

3 reviews
Get any site's company logo with just a URL

Top alternatives for Clearbit Company Logo API

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  • Logo

    Howdy, PH! Excited to introduce you to Logo, the latest from ShapeFactory. There's plenty of logo builders out there. None quite like this one. We drastically simplified the flow behind creating a logo and built in some intelligence to ensure every output is beautiful. We hope this tool enables a whole new set of builders and makers.

    I needed a logo in like 10 minutes. Decent font + shape pairing options and all required formats for less than $40. Definitely worth giving …

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  • Instant Logo Search

    Search and download thousands of logos instantly
  • Public APIs

    PUBLIC APIs UI is interface for the public APIs from a open source project that is https://github.com/toddmotto/public-apis

  • Brandmark V2

    5 reviews

    Brandmark.io has been completely revamped, with tons of new logo styles, unique fonts and AI technologies packed into the backend.

    We now offer pre-branded design assets, perfect for kickstarting your next venture.

    Great concept that works awesome.

  • Blobr

    11 reviews
    Free options
    With Blobr, get your API portal, your way. Display your APIs like products and manage access. You can filter content, monitor usage and monetize your APIs. Simplify the API onboarding process for your users and let them see their real-time consumption.
  • FakeClients

    1 review

    FakeClients is a website to help you practice logo design. Press start and a random design brief will be generated so you can practise your design skills using fake businesses

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  • Brand New Roman

    Brand New Roman is a font made up entirely of brand logos.

    Each letter and number draws from a corporate logo, and much of the branding will be instantly recognizable for many of us, highlighting just how ingrained these companies are in our day-to-day lives.

  • Public APIs 2.0

    🤔 Are you starting a new #Frontend Project?
    🙈 You don't want to collect data for a test #API?
    🚀 Are you looking for just the right, freely available data?
    Then this is your friend and saviour. #build #ship

    Really nice maker behind it all as well.

  • StackShare API

    The StackShare API provides SaaS companies & investors with better technographic/tech stack data than any other service. Imagine all the data on StackShare at your fingertips, plus over 1 million more companies. Use it for leads, enrichment, and trends.
  • Brandfetch Figma Plugin

    Tired of looking for a company's logo?

    The Brandfetch plugin will save you time. Simply enter a website, and instantly gets the corresponding logo back directly into Figma.

    It's fast, easy and effective!
  • Mutiny

    Mutiny helps SaaS companies personalize their website for each visitor to close more sales. For example, Mutiny can dynamically change a website’s customer testimonials to match the visitor’s industry.

  • Brandfetch for Chrome

    The Brandfetch Chrome plugin allows you to fetch any site's brand in a click (Firefox version also available)

    ✔️ Logo & icon
    ✔️ Colors
    ✔️ Fonts
    ✔️ Images
    ✔️ Social media
  • Logo Design for Indie Makers

    Indie makers, no coders, and new entrepreneurs often need a logo for their product. However, logo generators and sites like Fiverr lead to poorly designed results. This course aims to equip anyone with the skills to create well-designed logos with ease.
  • Micro

    Consume public APIs as simpler programmable building blocks for faster development of products, apps and services. Signup for free, top-up when you need to and call APIs right there in the UI or via a simple curl or http call.
  • Logo Comparison Tool

    Logo Comparison Tool lets you showcase your logo concepts in one simple image, and quickly get feedback from your friends.

  • ListChirp

    ListChirp is a data science company offering APIs and flat files for customer intelligence. Use our products and associated database of 1.2 billion unique person records to build enriched or new person profiles into your apps, products, and tools.