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Booqable alternatives and competitors

Booqable is the complete toolkit for your rental business, designed to make your job easier. Managing your inventory, taking reservations and getting paid has never been easier. Whether you accept bookings from your website, by phone or in persion, treat yourself and your customers to a delightful booking experience.

Top alternatives for Booqable

The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Omni Rentals

    Omni is a new way to own and access things. Omni Rentals empowers owners to make money on the items they store in Omni while not in use, and allows anyone to access those items - with delivery and pickup straight to their door in as little as 2 hours.

    Omni is the greatest. Their service and customer support is perfect.

  • Fat Lama

    Borrow stuff you need. Lend stuff you don't

    I've lended my GoPro through FL and the experience was simple. Now waiting on my 2nd booking...

  • EquipmentShare

    Airbnb for equipment rental
  • echo.rent

    echo.rent is a place to rent items between members of the marketplace. Our aim "We hope to have a positive impact on today's consumer society by providing a sharing community where members can rent items with other users rather than purchasing items for short term use."

    I always thought this kind of website is needed in today's society; a way to save and make money by working together with our neighbors and …

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  • Sharbit

    Rent the things you need from people nearby
  • TapGoods

    Rent happiness
  • Rentify

    Free options
    Rentify lets you create your own online store for your rental shop, including card payments and inventory management
  • fainin

    Fainin is a sharing economy app which allows people to rent and borrow all kinds of items in a very safe and secure way. Our mission statement is to allow people access of goods and products despite any financial or geo barriers.