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Simon Miller
Review of Cladwell
I really liked the app. This is generally very convenient for those who are used to working with gadgets. I have a large circle of friends among the participants of dallas personals. I will be happy to recommend this to those who have already found their soul mate and are preparing for the wedding.

Susan Pierce
Review of AliveShoes
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Easy to use
Too expensive

Pramod Surya Makkena

Cayo Medeiros
Does not recommend this product
Review of Grabr

People can accept and cancel requests whenever/however they want and grabr doesn't do anything about it.


Ernest Semerda
Recommended this product

We, Veryfi (https://www.veryfi.com), a bookkeeper in your pocket, joined the program in 2017 whilst doing the Y Combinator program.

Back then Android and material design were new territory for us. But the program made it super easy to prepare and launch. It felt like a guiding hand through the pre-launch, access to early users, superb user feedback and even help from the Google team to make sure our app met all the guidelines and followed material design.

This is the best thing I've seen for Apps launching on a marketplace. Overall we launched a product that's much more refined, high quality, works well, and adds value to the self-employed & business owners wanting to automate the boring parts of their accounting.

Love love love this program! Cannot recommend it enough to anyone launching an Android app on Google Play.


Spencer P Shulem
Recommended this product

We've been part of this program for a while now. We launched in Early Access mid last year, and it helped more than we could have imagined. We were able to get feedback and work through big bugs all without having to stress about poor ratings. Early Access alone is worth it because it's a constant new stream of users to test your app. You get to basically hit the reset button every new build.

The design feedback was essential in our redesign. Material design for mobile is basically implemented in all popular apps (as it should), but at the same time you want to make it yours, and follow your own design language. While their docs are great, their feedback was so helpful because they understood our goals and what we were trying to do... and it was nice to go back and ask "how can we implement this feature while respecting material design?" We were blown away by how much time they spent on the UI feedback.

One take away from our team at WeDo, is this really made it easy to push Android first. We still have a ton of Early Access users that are now beta testers and because of that we've been able to continue to discover critical bugs and get feedback before it goes live everywhere in hours. The Play team genuinely cares about this ecosystem and about the success of great new products launching on their store. We've been surprised by how much they've walked the walk.


Shreyans Bhansali
Recommended this product

We, Socratic (https://socratic.org), were a part of Start on Android's Early Access program in April 2017. Unrelated, our app won Google Play's App of the Year in 2017 :)

We got thousands of users to use early versions of our Android app, got hundreds of pieces of feedback from real users, and discovered dozens of bugs. This was invaluable, real, low-risk feedback, and I can't imagine an easier way to test, iterate, and launch an app.

While Early Access provides broad feedback from users, the UI/UX review provides deep expert feedback on Android best-practices - unique commentary and advice that's hard to get elsewhere.

Overall, SOA helped us launch a much higher quality product without the complexity, stress, or burden of building and managing our own beta program. Wish Apple did this too!

Loved this program, and highly recommend this to anyone launching an Android app.


Donghyuk Kang
Recommended this product

Anand Sharma
Recommended this product

We were pretty new to Android after being iOS only for a few years — the guidance from the SOA team and being part of early access to get feedback from general users really helped us improve the app experience and prepare for the final release.


Recommended this product

1. Global no fly zone checking feature;

2. Customized checking items;

3. Create some logs for preflight checklist;