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6 alternative and related products to AmpAve

Collect, curate, and publish authentic customer experiences.

AmpAve is a way to collect, curate, and publish hundreds of customer experiences easily. Enlist your happy customers to do most of the work creating authentic, organic content about your product/service, while staying in control of your brand. Amplifying your success has never been easier. Free account if you sign up today.

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6 Alternatives to AmpAve

The Customer Feedback Portal by productboard allows you to listen to and engage your customers! Share feature plans, collect user feedback, and source new ideas.

Tomas Ruzicka
A fresh new offering from the productboard kitchen now allows you to share public roadmaps and let people vote on ideas. And now it is free!
18 Alternatives to productboard Customer Feedback Portal

💡 FeedBear is a central hub for all feedback from your customers. It saves you time by letting them post their ideas directly or via Intercom.

💬 Not everything needs to be built. Voting and discussions help your team decide what's important.

🤝 Automatic follow-ups delight your customers by keeping them in the loop about your progress.

Fabian Maume
Useful to prioritise product road-map using user's feedback.
Fabian Maume
Nice to properly prioritise the product road-map.
Tomáš Vestenický
Hey Stefan, your wishes may be satisfied with FeedBear. It offers a more minimal approach, keeping everything neat and organized. There's a free 14 day trial, but if you need more time or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at
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