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Airtable alternatives and competitors

18 reviews

Orchestrate powerful business solutions with a single source of truth. The only limit is your imagination.

Top alternatives for Airtable

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  • Sortd for Gmail

    6 reviews

    Sortd is the world's first Productivity Suite for Gmail. Unlike Asana, Monday.com, Trello or Tables by Google, who primarily focus on Internal collaboration, Sortd is capable of managing both Internal & External collaboration with deep email integration.

    I'm trying to discover the main difference(s) between Sortd and Drag. While Sortd is more mature, both are attractive products with great fu…

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  • Actiondesk

    Actiondesk is a spreadsheet just like Google Sheets or Excel. But it has superpowers:
    - Import data from any data source
    - Your data is automatically refreshed at the frequency you choose

    At first, Actiondesk's interface is a bit confusing. once you understand how it works, the power it gives you to manipulate your data, and s…

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  • Retool

    Custom internal tools have the same building blocks. Retool gives you those building blocks, so you can build them much faster.

  • dashdash (now Rows)

    dashdash (now Rows) is the spreadsheet with the best data and APIs for business.

    It's the easiest way to access online services and build automated tools using the spreadsheet skills you already have.

    Neat! I've already requested an Early Access account. Sounds like it could be great for Sales/Growth Funnel Automation. Will you guys allow …

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  • NocoDB

    4 reviews
    NocoDB is an open source Airtable alternative. It transforms your relational databases into a smart spreadsheet. Our app store allows you to connect to any cloud services like S3 for file storage and 3rd party apps like Slack, Twilio for business workflows
  • Zenkit

    Zenkit is a tool you can use to organize anything: Collaborate with your team, track projects, build databases, or simply manage your personal to-do lists. Zenkit is flexible enough to fit any workflow, and powerful enough to run your business on.

    Overall a great app with awesome performance!

  • dashdash (now Rows) Templates

    7 reviews
    Browse a gallery of prebuilt tools covering different use cases including finding and enriching people & companies, marketing, sales, operations, HR & recruiting, alerts, finance, translation, and more!
    🔊 Tip: watch the video above with sound on! 🔊
  • TablePlus

    6 reviews

    TablePlus is a Native App which helps you easily edit Database data and Structure.

    TablePlus currently Supports: PostgreSQL, MySQL, RedShift, MariaDB... High-end security ensured.

    TablePlus ends up being my favorite SQL tool. SequelPro used to be my favorite but there's no new features since a long time and some bugs a…

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  • Sheets by Google

    Hey Hunters!!!

    Google launched major update for Google Sheets with the addition of "Macro" feature. It will not only increase productivity of teams using G Suite but it will also enhance the automation in the Google Sheets.

    For those who are not using Google Sheets here are the features offered by Google Sheets:

    1. Sharing for enhanced collaboration

    2. Chat during editing

    3. Data import from variety of sources like XML, HTML, RSS and CSV

    4. Connect with housands of online apps using tools like Zapier for automation

    5. Data visualization tools

    6. Work anywhere, anytime

  • Datadeck Sheets

    Spreadsheets visualized In two clicks
  • Stackby

    Stackby is a new collaborative workspace that brings ease of use of spreadsheets, functionality of databases and connectors to popular services via no-code API connectors - to create, organize and automate anything, really.
  • GRID

    8 reviews
    GRID is a productivity tool that transforms spreadsheets into interactive, visually dynamic web documents. GRID makes sharing and presenting spreadsheet data and models smart, quick, and exceptionally valuable.
  • Data Fetcher for Airtable

    4 reviews
    Data Fetcher is an Airtable app that lets you run API requests. Import your marketing data, look up stock prices, send emails or do anything else you can think of using other APIs.
  • Airtable for iPad

    As flexible as a spreadsheet. Built for the iPad.
  • Basedash 3.0

    10 reviews
    Free options
    Basedash makes your database editable, collaborative, protected, and usable.
    Now with a brand new design, security features, and Airtable support.
  • Trevor.io

    8 reviews

    Trevor.io replaces data requests inside your company, empowering your whole team to get answers from your database data in just a few clicks, share the results or stream them to Google Sheets, build dashboards, create email and Slack alerts, and lots more.

    We've been using Trevor.io over at Unicorn Hunt for a long while, and we just love what they're are trying to do.

    Really helpful to share th…

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  • restdb.io

    restdb.io is a fast and simple NoSQL cloud database service. With restdb.io you get schema, relations, REST API (with MongoDB-like queries) and an efficient multi-user admin UI for working with data.

    Our customers use it for backends, business databases, API-first CMS, data collection and much more.

    You can also create dynamic HTML sites easily.

  • Zoho Sheet for Mobile

    Zoho Sheet is a cloud-based spreadsheet application that allows real-time collaboration, while providing all of the essential spreadsheet features. The Zoho Sheet mobile app for iOS and Android will make it much easier to work on the go. 

  • SpreadsheetDB

    A database that you can query with a spreadsheet!
  • ShareTable

    1 review
    Share data from your Airtable securely with Partners, Customers, Clients or even your wider team. Let them read, update and create data. Control exactly which records they can access, and what fields they can see and edit.