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Abacus alternatives and competitors

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Fast expense reimbursement for small businesses

Top alternatives for Abacus

Google Cloud Platform
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  • Pleo

    1 review

    Pleo is a company payment card that does your expense reports and simplifies company spending.

    We started using this a month ago, seems great so far... Could be nice if it handled off card expenses too..

  • Volopay

    6 reviews
    Volopay is a free tool that companies can use to manage expenses and employee reimbursements including reporting, receipt upload, approval flows, claims processing, and accounting automation, giving businesses complete visibility over all their spendings.
  • Infrrd OCR

    2 reviews

    Infrrd OCR is an Enterprise Machine Learning OCR platform that gives organizations deep insights from big data with the help of interactive AI algorithms based on machine learning to drive decisions and automate extraction. The powerful OCR solution learns from data to accurately infer the key fields from receipts, invoices and business documents.

    Unlike most enterprise OCR solutions that fall short in giving 100% results, Infrrd's Enterprise Machine Learning platform builds in OCR sol…

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  • Satago

    Clever credit control for small businesses. Get paid faster.
  • Soldo

    Soldo helps manage every aspect of business spending. Use a Soldo Mastercard card with the app and admin tools to transform expense payment.