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Create an Alexa Skill which allows full querying of Product Hunt projects

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@patrickjmq Cool! How does this type of thing work? 🤔
@satwaya Essentially interacts with the Product Hunt API and finds individual product pulled from the query and then finds the requested fact about it. i.e 'Alexa, ask Hunter how many upvotes Broadcast has', 'how many comments' etc :)
@patrickjmq What language do you use to build these skills? How they work is really interesting
@satwaya All in Node.js, Amazon have an Alexa skill SDK and then I built my own NLP engine for granular post processing once i've parsed the command from the original query. All pretty straight forward stuff hopefully :)
@patrickjmq It looks really hard to build but it seems like you know how everything works 😂
@satwaya Easier than you might think! If you want to learn more about how NLP and classifier based skill engines work you can check out my simple P-Brain project I built a few years ago :)