Katerina Limpitsouni
Katerina Limpitsouni@ninalimpi · Illustrator • Fun at https://undraw.co/

Write a blog post about the process and origin of an illustration from my notes and drafts

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@ninalimpi nice! Would love to proofread it!
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@amrith 😀😀 Sure, I would love that!!!
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@ninalimpi How it's going? Really interested in reading such a blog post. I love your illustrations 🙃
@nealbeat Thank you so much Yulia!!! You are too sweet!!! I kinda wrote a first draft but seemed boring and tbh I had kinda give up on that but now you got me excited!!! Maybe that's the power of the Women in Tech makers group? Feels nice!!!
@ninalimpi Happy to hear that, Katerina 😉 Support of the community really means a lot, so I hope you'll share the post when it's done!
@ninalimpi hello how are you doing