MIT licensed illustrations for your next project

unDraw is a constantly updated collection of beautiful svg images that you can use completely free and without attribution.

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πŸ‘‹ PH community, I am Katerina and I am an illustrator and the creator of unDraw. For some time we have been working on this and it's an effort to provide an easy way to create better-looking app and website designs. This is still too fresh and that's why we weren't supposed to be posted on PH yet, but hunters work in mysterious ways. You can use unDraw's images: - To design better looking landing pages - For empty states that match your app's palette - For your social posts - For your blog articles - On whatever you can imagine, since creativity cannot be anticipated! Haha... It is completely free and without the need for attribution and it will constantly be updated with new illustrations. Hope you guys will like it!
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@ninalimpi You guys have some of the most beautiful illustrations i have ever seen. Any plans to put the source files of the illustrations as well ? :)
@halvi Thank you very much! Actually we want to keep it simple for makers to include it directly into their projects so .ai files would complicate that... However SVG's are basically code and fully editable so you can customize each color separately, even using plain CSS.
@ninalimpi this is awesome thank you! Can people contribute? My company doesn't have an Illustrator and I feel like we really need one for marketing and our product. I'm decent but not at the level I want to be
@megaroeny Hi, for now there is no way to contribute but we are trying to find a way to implement that! However, I am updating it daily and will keep working so hopefully you won't need an illustrator or to get better at that!!! Hahaha...

I really love this. It's like having a pro illustrators on your behalf for work. Thanks. But try to review the cons.


beautiful illustrations, dynamic color changing, svg support, MIT licence


not too much illustrations

Thank you for your review! It has only a limited number because I just started it! I'm working non-stop to keep adding more every day, so stay tuned!
Amazing work guys! Congrats on launch. I've been looking for a place like this for months. There are tons of icon websites but none for illustrations. Its cool that its free, but I wouldn't mind paying to download illustrations either πŸ˜‰
@moinism Thank you very much for your kind words! Good to know!!! Haha... Will continue open-sourcing them though! Haha...
Awesome tool!!! I want more illustrations!! :D :D
@serradino Thank you and sorry for that! We tried not to be hunted until we reached a much higher number but here we are! I am updating it daily so hopefully it will become more πŸ’ͺ over time!
Wow! This is awesome.