unDraw for XD

Open-source illustrations directly into Adobe XD

#1 Product of the DayApril 06, 2019
Beautiful images for your client and personal design projects, without attribution. A completely different kind of plugin, exclusively on XD.
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Hello PH friends and thanks to everyone for the upvotes and to @mrblairfraser for hunting unDraw for XD!!! We are happy to be starting something really really cool with Adobe and the first step is this plugin which is pretty much the whole unDraw natively inside XD, which is also free btw!!! Now you can fully customize everything, in any illustration, combine them, make them truly unique and even animate them!!! Hope you'll like it and thank you everyone for the support and excitement!!! 😻❤️🙌
@ninalimpi Designer on the XD team here — so glad to see this! Let us know if you need anything.
@samdotdesign Hey Sam! Thank you so much!!! 🙌
@ninalimpi I just falling in love with your illustrations and so happy to see you in Adobe XD! Keep rocking 🦄🚀
@valiahavruliyk Thank you so much Valia!!! What an awesome comment!!! Yeah, working with Adobe to bring unDraw into XD felt like a natural step and something that people would enjoy!!!
Amazing work. Congrats.
@gonelf Thank you so much Gonçalo!!! So glad you like it!!!
@ninalimpi I loved so much I shared it with all the designers in my company.
@gonelf 😊😊😊 Means the world to me!!!
Fantastic! I love your illustrations and have used them on many projects. Excited to use them in XD natively. You rock!
@f_graciolli So happy you like the illustrations Fernanda!!! Would love to see your projects sometime btw and I think you'll find it much more comfortable using unDraw directly on XD with your asset colors!!! Thank you so much!!!
So nice to see this project going forward! Good luck.
@alexdeardream Thank you so much Alex!