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Figure out how to power automations outside of Zapier...

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@jasonhargrove hiii... So basically, I'm not a dev. but in order to run my "program" I have a bunch of automations that run through zapier. It makes me nervous to rely on a third party so heavily for, so I'd love to figure out how to keep all of those things in house, but I lack the technical skillset to do it. :(
@jodiechristineb great work getting up and running using Zapier. Even with dev skills that's a nice approach to fast forward. Service integrations can be time consuming and tedious, especially if you need to manage authentication workflow on behalf of users. For example, getting a Twitter user to give you access to their account. A good first step would be to take a look at the API documentation for your core services. For example here is Twitter: You can generally find what you need by Googling "API" and your service name. Once you have an idea about how their API works, you can try their code samples in order to write some of the boilerplate yourself, OR, you can look for libraries that do most of the heavy lifting for you. For example in the Node.js world here's a library for Twitter: If you don't have a server and feel like that's too big to tackle up front, given all the other ways to invest your time, you may want to look at AWS Lambdas or Firebase functions, which give you ability to run serverless code. Essentially you have blocks of code to do what you need, and you can then port that into a future server as you grow.
@jodiechristineb ahh I know that feeling of not wanting to rely on zapier. what kind of automations are this? If it is at a specific time each day, cronjobs would be your code-way to get it done.