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Change winter clothes out for spring 🌸

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@jacqvon How do you store your winter clothes?
@syswarren I put them in a closet dresser with some cedar sachets. I might have to start an extra bin though. Wool sweaters take up a lot of room!
@jacqvon Do people really change clothes due to seasons in San Francisco? πŸ€” Disclaimer: I don't!
@aleks_muse Lol! It's more like a Capsule effort really. http://www.whowhatwear.com/how-t... Keep things fresh!
@jacqvon Great goal! I started doing some of this over the weekend. I put coats in a suitcase with dried lavender to deter moths and move other warmer clothes to a wardrobe I open less frequently. πŸ‘—
@abadesi YES! I have some cedar sachets. Lavender is a fab fab idea too.