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✍️ Write blog post about why to-do lists are bad

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@jovisjoseph depends on how you use them, but most of them lack of time and priorities. I.e. a list that is not well planned, leads to an even longer list (because we tend to procrastinate). Giving to-dos a priority, scheduling them with a fixed date & time and writing them down (in your calendar or favourite app) turns to-do lists from bad to good.
@ipgregor Yeah you are right. I don't know about others i always had scheduled time in my todos. Still the problem is I become too confident about tasks and give myself too little time to complete. SO these days i share my todo list with my colleagues and that tends to keep things realistic.. Any way stoked to read the whole article
@jovisjoseph that's great, so you are already one step ahead :) Hope to get it done today, will share it here.
Sounds interesting Gregor, please share when done!
Wow...I'm really glad that so many of you showed interest in this. Love the concept of Makers and how it adds value to getting things done. Anyway, for all that are interested here is the first version of the blog post: