Butleroy for Alexa

Your personal butler for arranging meetings intelligently

Butleroy is your personal assistant as Alexa Skill.

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Hi @__tosh, thanks for hunting our newest product "Butleroy for Alexa". A good butler should always be around you, that's the reason why we added a skill for Amazon Alexa, so you can literally talk to your personal butler now. Butleroy allows you to find the perfect time for the things you love to do without you having to look at your calendar once. Just tell Butleroy that you want to do something at a vague time (e.g. today, next week, ...). It will take a look at your Google calendar and find a suitable time for you. You can also invite other people from your Google Contacts to the event if you have a valid email address of that person.
@__tosh @ipgregor This looks amazing! I will give it a try for sure. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you. https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Looks like a great skill for Alexa ... will try it out tonight. How can it access my calendar?
@wolfgang_damm Thanks for your kind words. I'd be glad to hear your feedback. Accessing the calendar is super easy. You can just use the built in Alexa Account Linking feature and connect your Google calendar to the skill.
This is what i neeeed! 😻👌🏻
Glad to see more and more focused Alexa Skills on specific use-cases like in this case: 📅appointment scheduling. What's your take on the natural language understanding capabilities when it comes to english in comparison to other languages like german?
@__tosh IMO Alexa still works best in English and there are more features available than in any other language. Yet Alexa's natural language understanding is getting better and better in every language and it also works great in German already. However there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to Austrian dialect 🇦🇹😉
Can I also invite multiple people to an event?
@timanrebel Yes, simply say the names of the contacts you want to invite. They are invited via their email addresses in your Google contacts.
@ipgregor simply by saying their full names? Not email addresses? That is pretty neat!
@timanrebel Yes you are right. Just say their names like you have saved them in your contacts. No need to remember any email addresses 🕺