Butleroy 4.0

Your personal butler for more productivity

Have your appointments and to-dos automatically scheduled at a perfect time. AI powered calendar and to-do list. Save time and be more productive.
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I often put important todos into my calendar, works well but sometimes becomes messy. Butleroy takes this use-case and runs with it. Worth checking out if you are into productivity tools and user experience.
@__tosh that is exactly what we thought. So we built a solution that cleans up that mess by allowing users to manage their calendar and to-dos in one place. To-dos can be managed in a timeline-like view with your other calendar events or separately in a dedicated todo view.
Hey @__tosh, thx for hunting us. Hey Product Hunters! We are so glad to be back again and announce Butleroy 4.0 today. Butleroy is your personal butler for your pocket. The butler called Roy now takes care of your time management. Thanks to artificial intelligence he is able to schedule appointments and your to-dos in the blink of an eye. Doing so, he considers a lot of other factors such as whether the appointment is work related, if you have enough spare time, what time of day is best for you, if the weather is nice and much more. Roy loves other awesome apps such as Todoist. So we made integrating it super easy. Let Roy schedule your to-dos, so you can complete them when you really have time for it. More integrations such as Outlook and Trello are already in the pipeline. Roy can not only plan intelligently for you, he can also show you the best restaurants in town, calls you an Uber for the next appointment, finds time for your weekly workouts and learns from your preferences and habits. From now on you have your own personal butler. TL;DR Personal butler for better time management and productivity. Smart scheduling AI, combine calendar and to-dos, integrate services such as Todoist.
Hello @ipgregor, do you plan to develop an Android version ? It would be a cool feature to add to-dos with google assistant
@chr1s There are definitly plans for an Android version. Our main focus is currently on iOS though. But we are also working on a Google Tasks integration right now, which will allow you to create Google Tasks with your Google Assistant, that can then be displayed and scheduled in the Butleroy iOS app.
@chr1s @ipgregor I secund this. An Android version would be great. I've been looking for a good calendar-todo hybrid for ages, but nothing has stuck so far. This one looks great.
@chr1s @ipgregor Why focus on iOS while Android has a 70%+ marketshare?
This is exactly the kind of product I’ve been looking for, perfect for my organisation style. Couple of quick questions from me: Can you change the time allocated to a task? At the moment everything is 30 minutes which is a little limiting. Any plans to add start dates as well as due dates? Would prevent things being scheduled before you can do them (prerequisite tasks would be great for this as well!). I must be being a little dumb - where do you set working hours..? Great product though and looking forward to its development.
@scott_clennell Thank you for your kind words and your interest in our product. Those are actually really great questions. 1) That is currect, currently to-dos are set to 30 minutes duration. In the future we are planning on adding the possibility to change that. 2) That's a great idea and we definitly will add this to our roadmap. 3) Right now typical working hours (something like 9 to 5) are considered simply by adding the "work" tag when creating a todo. A more sophisticated version of this feature where you can set exact working hours for individual days is already in the making.
@ipgregor thanks for this! It’s probably (just) off where I would need it to be to work for me without a task effort estimate, but still a great product and going to watch very closely. I think the need for something like this in the market is great to the point where I had considered making something myself (albeit what I had in my head wasn’t nowhere near as seamless and intuitive as this). Best of luck - I suspect this will really take off with some development.
@scott_clennell thanks a lot. We will give our best to add your requested features as soon as possible.

Beautifully designed app that combines calendar and to do's which I love! So you always have a good overview on what happens when and what you have to take care of.


- SXSW schedule with infos about free stuff - Really helpful search filters in the calendar - slick design


- nothing negative to report yet!