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Find an amazing tech mentor

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@horseauthority_ You should visit Out of Office Hours where you can chat with people working in the tech industry. One might become your mentor 🙏
@mrcalexandre Thank you! I hadn't heard of that site. I learn about everything on PH. ;)
@horseauthority_ @mrcalexandre thats so cool. I never heard about that!
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@horseauthority_ Horse's Mouth is an amazing platform for this...You can check it out
@eben_gabriels What is it called? Thanks!
@eben_gabriels Thank you. It looks like it closed sad to say but has resources to other UK mentor spaces. I'm in the U.S. although not sure that it matters for mentoring. I appreciate you taking the time to post.
@horseauthority_ Aww! I just saw this now. Sad! Anyways, I'd keep my eyes on the look if I find anything else. Best of luck 😃
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@eben_gabriels Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!!