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🌟 Build landing page for Ness

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@anthilemoon What's the Ness Project?
@harowitzblack It's a collective of freelancers helping small businesses in emerging industries e.g. mental health, sexual health, etc. - providing support at a lower cost than usual. :)
@anthilemoon Ah sounds cool! But how would this service help small businesses? Especially in the mental health industry?
@harowitzblack Mental health startups also have needs in content writing, UX, branding, strategy, etc. - that's the type of work the service provides through freelancers.
@anthilemoon Aha sounds like a cool service! And thanks for answering my questions.
@harowitzblack thank you so much! And thanks for your interest. :) I'll keep on following what you're working on too!
@anthilemoon ooo post when done!
@impishpimp Here you go! Very first draft, will update and maybe migrate to Wordpress when we have our first projects.
@anthilemoon this is really cute!!!