Teeny Breaks

Mindfulness tips to make the most of your breaks πŸ§ πŸ’–

Teeny Breaks is a Chrome extension showing you one mindfulness tip based on science every time you open a new tab.

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Hey everyone! As many makers this weekend, I took part in the 24hr Startup Challenge, and decided to build Teeny Breaks, a simple Chrome extension that allows you to incorporate mindfulness into your workflow. 🧠 Every time you open a new tab, Teeny Breaks shows you a mindfulness tip so you can make the most of your break. πŸ•’ Guaranteed no BS: each tip is science-based, with a link to the corresponding research paper should you want to learn more. And I will keep on adding new tips now and then! πŸ“ You can get it for Chrome here, and I'll port it to Brave as soon as it supports customizing new tabs. I hope you like it!
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@anthilemoon this so great I always need reminding to get up or take a break! I installed it before my 24hr stream and took some of the advice.. but I couldn't break too often! Huge congratulations on your launch πŸ’›
@dinkydani21 Thank you so much Danielle, and massive congrats on completing the challenge too! And yes I'm the same, didn't follow much of my advice for the 24hr stream, except for eating lots of bananas 🍌 πŸ˜…
@anthilemoon this is exactly what I need! Nice job building and launching this in 24 hours.
@sarah__jackson Thank you so much, Sarah!! πŸ™
Hi @anthilemoon ! Props for the Chrome extension, this seems way more useful than having the most visited sites (where I already go to waste some time) in my new tab. Just one issue: some tips have encoding errors and some symbols don't display as they should. The bananas one is one example where it shows "with about 25g of glucose in your blood stream Γ’β‚¬β€œ that's the amount".

TeenyBreaks helps you relax and get a proper break, with scientifically-backed actionable and simple advice.

A lot of us spend our days working on screens, so this is an extremely useful and adequate product. You can use it either as a 'new tab' extension, or just as a classic website. It's easy to refresh and get new advice, and the whole UX is a breath of fresh air - or reminds you to get one!


Simple, beautiful, and helps you relax



Amazing job! Such a simple, yet useful app that I definitely need to incorporate into my life. It's so easy to find yourself sitting for hours at your laptop completely stressed out, when sometimes all you need is a breather. So incredible that you launched this in well under 24h. πŸš€
@stephsmith Thank you so much, Steph! I loved building stuff while hanging out together on Twitch, it was so much fun! πŸ™Œ
Very timely, as I have been looking for a decent Chrome extension. First of all congrats on shipping this so fast. Also, it's a solid product that is actually useful to me, on a daily basis. Nicely done!
@leandro8209 Thank you so much, Leandro! I'm so glad you find it useful. I'll keep on adding new tips so you (and I) can keep on learning. 🧠 ✨
Thanks for making this! Sometimes you focus so hard on shipping that you forget your brain has to rest!
@wimgz Many thanks!! Yes, also you are actually more productive if you take breaks, so it's a win-win thing to do! 😊