Adam Ullman
Adam Ullman
Co-Founder and CTO at Jamm
Maker’s goals
  1. Fix issues reported by all our new users after launching yesterday

    Austin Marks
    Nikita Astakhov
    Robert Bernal
Last month
  1. Last stitch effort to try to get up to #5 on product hunt

    Austin Marks
    I M PAW
  2. Respond to any feedback on the producthunt launch page

    Austin Marks
    Ferenc Forgacs
    Gustavo Martucci
  3. Share producthunt page on social media!

    Hanna Welch
Earlier this year
  1. Preparing Product Hunt Upcoming Page

    Veronica Wilkerson
    Sanaz Bidad
    Abinash Mohanty
4 of 5 goals reached