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πŸ“Ή Launch career tip clips on YouTube to drive book sales

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I made one video which is OK. The next video was out of focus and the third video the memory card ran out before it finished πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ I want to make 10 before I post any, then post 3 at once and the remaining 7 weekly. Hoping to spend Sunday afternoon bashing them out πŸ“Ή
@abadesi looking forward to seeing these!
@jamesfrewin1 I've recorded a batch with my friends DSLR but now need to edit them #procrastination
@abadesi cant wait to see!!!! could always hire someone on UpWork to edit them for you!
@jamesfrewin1 ooh smart didn't think of that. I think I want to do the first so I have a style in place, and then with that frame of reference could outsource in future πŸ˜„
@abadesi Good idea! if you're looking for any good transitions or those things that appear on interviews with people names and stuff, VideoHive (part of Envato's network) have some pretty cool ones!
@jamesfrewin1 Great tip thanks :)