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Meditate for at least one minute every day ✌️

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I find that the busier I get the less I meditate when really, that's when I need it most. Have a big week ahead so want to ensure I make time to meditate. In fact, I'm going to open my Headspace app now...
@abadesi I was putting off using Headspace for a while now.. Your goal of 1min hit me hard, and I finally opened the app and started meditating. No more excuses! Thanks. :D
@swapagarwal Glad to hear it 😄
@abadesi I love the "start small to create habits" strategy 👍 When I wanted to create a meditation habit, I always meditated for at least 2 minutes everyday ( I found 1min too short)
@abadesi Thankfully, we have all the tools for that. I've found @simplehabit as the most flexible, especially their commute meditations, as well as for any time of the day or need.
@simplehabit @aleks_muse Ooh thanks I will check it out! I'm pretty devoted to Andy's voice on Headspace but always nice to mix it up 😄
I fell off the wagon this weekend but going to try again this week with the same goal.