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Make a list of tech communities to visit while in πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ next month

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@abadesi I'm in Lagos. We could meet if you get here.
@p_mbanugo Awesome! Are there any tech / startup communities you can recommend? Or any meetups on last week of May?
@abadesi CC Hub is a popular co-working space and host meetups too. Some startups work from there
@abadesi Here's one I've registered for happening on the 29th. It's free https://inspired.techpoint.ng/
@abadesi Other meetups I know will be meeting next week. None for the last week in May. Some meetups registration closes before I get to know about them. I may get to know about new ones later next month and will let you know. Another thing to try is to go to meetup.com and find the ones you like and hope they get to plan something for next month. What kind of meet ups are you interested in? Programming? Start up? French? Spanish? There might be a Duolingo French meet up around that time.
@p_mbanugo Wow so many great suggestions, thanks so much for taking the time to share them with me. I'm going to follow your advice and check out Meetup.com, mostly interested in networking with startups - see what problems people are solving and mingle with founders πŸ˜„