A simple app to say "yo" to friends

Dan Leveille
Or Arbel


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Dan Leveille — Product Marketing Manager, DeviantArt
All you do is just tap someone's name and it sends them a push notification saying "Yo." There's nothing else to this app, and you can't say anything else other than yo.

I saw it posted by Robert Scoble on Facebook and he called it "the stupidest but most addicting app ever." I'm intrigued.

If anyone wants someone to test it on, my username is "danlev".

From the founder, Moshe Hogeg: "Yo took 8 hours to develop and it already sent over 2M Yo's!!!" https://www.facebook.com/photo.p...
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Ha! The simplicity reminds me of WUT. I love stupid simple, why-am-I-using-this kind of apps. Downloading now.
Shubham Datta — Working with startups @SurePathCap
New Yo update to v 1.1 includes Link Sharing, Hashtags, and Yo Index (http://techcrunch.com/2014/08/12...). Thoughts?
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
This app is completely hilarious. One of my favorite finds from last week.
Zach Solomon-Beloin — Community Manager - http://zachsb.com
Yo ;)
Clark Wimberly — UX Designer
lol I saw the "username" field when I first opened, and typed in someone else's username (trying to send them a Yo), along with a typo, and managed to register myself in Yo as an errant, in-use username.

And no cache clearing on uninstalling seems to fix it. Seriously bummed I won't be yo'ing folks.
Kristofer™ — Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
This is hilarious. I'm even laughing at it's icon. simplest ever

yo -> kristofer
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
YO, GUYS! Yo's coming out with an API. No joke.

Yo! I'm Or and I'm the voice you hear when you hear the Yo sound :)

I'll be in the bay area in the upcoming week to find the right people to take Yo to the next level.
If you are the right person or know one please don't be shy: or@justyo.co


Oh and another funny easter egg: try yoing YORANDOM
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Welcome (in advance) to SF, @orarbel. Care to share your vision for Yo? Clearly you have something bigger in mind than what's revealed on the surface.
Kristofer™ — Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
@orarbel first Yo notification I got scared the sh*t out of me lol
Ⓜatt hartman — seed investments, betaworks
love the simplicity -- down to the blank purple icon. yo me at matth
Hey guys, Yo's new version that was just released has some cool stuff.. introducing a new (hidden) feature: Group Yo's!
Simply tap + and add JOHN+KIM+.. (no need to add yourself)..
Tapping it will send a Yo to everyone in the group and the Yo says: "JOHN+KIM+YOU From YOU"

(it's a secret feature don't tell anyone ;)
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
Or is the man.
Kristofer™ — Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
Right on @orarbel ! Still getting a kick out of it and yo'in daily. Great numbers
Ⓜatt hartman — seed investments, betaworks
Most of my Yo friends are at work, so I find myself using it to let people know a meeting's ready to get started, or to quickly ping someone to come join a meeting. I've also received them as pings to follow up on an email if it needs attention more urgently. Now I'm waiting for @rrhoover to use the new Yo API to make a ProductHunt account that Yo's me any time a product hits above, say, 100 upvotes. That's something ephemeral -- I'll take a look if I'm at my desk, or look later, but I wouldn't want that type of alert persisting/cluttering my email. A Yo would be great, though.
⚡️ — dir. of brand strategy – giphy
Gotta love the rise of the one-tap-wonder apps...not surprising as it's ridiculously easy to build these days (8hours!)

yo me > thejulielogan
@clarklab you got the token right? @rrhoover how's the Yo integration with Product Hunt coming up? would love to get a Yo From PRODUCTHUNT
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