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levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
Hi Hunters! I spent the last few months building this by myself :D

Nomad List indexes the best cities where you can go to live and work remotely. I started with 25 cities and 100 data points, and now have 500+ cities and 50,000+ data points. From cost of living and internet speed, to how safe and fun a city is.

I've also added 25,000+ places you can work (coffee shops, coworking spaces) and sleep (hostels and hotels). And it's integrated with my Slack group #nomads, which lets you meet other travelers in every city.
Jonny Miller — Cofounder
@levelsio Phenomenal update! And smart to integrate with the various affiliate links as well (kudos for the transparency there). Down the line it would be great to see nomad photos+stories+maps from the places themselves, in addition to the practical info. We’re planning to relocate the Maptia HQ to Asia later this year so will spend a lot of quality time exploring!
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@jonnym1ller Yes! Someone said I should add Instagram photos from each location (automatically), that'd be pretty cool. Maybe a blog tab, with curated stories from blogs about the cities? And where you'll be staying first?
Jonny Miller — Cofounder
@levelsio exactly, perhaps starting a #nomads on IG and re: curated stories I know that @peachananr posts are all tagged by place, perhaps he could assist? The Maptia HQ will be based around Hubud between Sept–December, would be awesome to see you out there!
Lucas Gordon — UI Engineer, WeSwap
Nice work @levelsio, this is looking awesome! It might be worth hiding the visible filters behind a 'show filters' button, as on my screen I'm only able to see the first city above the fold. I noticed that 'expat' is selected by default. Do you find that Nomad List is used more by expats than nomads?
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@lucasjgordon Thanks for the tip Lucas! I might make the header smaller to make that work.

There was a lot of discusson on Reddit about this:

NomadCost was based on my own behavior, which was staying in hotels/hostels and short-term AirBnBs. But then cost of living gets amplified a lot. I discovered that most people want to know the actual cost of living for 6 to 12 months (e.g. expat), and then I let them switch to see the NomadCost too. For the long-term it'll get more users in and scare off less users (as in "those prices are wrong, I hate this site, byeeee!")
Lucas Gordon — UI Engineer, WeSwap
@levelsio no problem, that'll do it! Interesting discussion, I agree with the idea of a time travel feature.

That sounds like a reasonable approach. Do you think that as the lifestyle becomes more prevalent we will see more nomads staying in one place for 'expat' periods of time? I imagine this option is more suitable for families, or anyone seeking an amount of stability.
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@lucasjgordon I think digital nomads are like short-term expats, that means they stay in a place for 1 to 3 months. Moving around faster than that (like every week) is too physically and mentally taxing (e.g. culture shock) to do in the long run.

When digital nomads settle down, it usually means finding 2 or 3 different places and hopping from there throughout the year. Many people choose to "follow the sun", that is they skip winters in US and Europe altogether but enjoy the summers of their home countries. That sounds nice to me.
Lucas Gordon — UI Engineer, WeSwap
@levelsio it sounds perfect! I guess it's just a case now of adjusting the perception of how realistic this lifestyle choice actually is. And you seem to be doing a pretty good job so far, keep it up :)
Mohammed Elalj — CEO at RefurbMe
Nice work! Really love the ability to filter with visa requirements.
Would be great to be able to filter elements with a slider instead of toggles. Eg. Have internet filter with a slider "from 1Mbps to 165Mbps" instead "Slow, Fast, Super Fast".
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@simoelalj thanks! I agree, I'll change it into a slider.
Looking really, really good @levelsio! Already was a fan of the site (helped me to pick Buenos Aires as my most recent city and I'll be checking it for every upcoming trip as well). Kudos :)
@marty — Director, Tens
Great updates! I highly recommend the PDF city guides too, the Chiang Mai one was very helpful 👌
eelco jellema — i create things
Congratulations Pieter! Really big improvement on a already fabulous list!
Looks like the € switch is gone? Can't find it—only $.

What does the filter "food" actually do? The other ones are self-explanatory.
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@eelcojellema yes, had to remove it to speed the site up a bit, will add localization back in a few weeks :)
Marc Köhlbrugge ⚡️🔥⭐️ — Founder of BetaList
Great update! I'd be interested in hearing a little bit more about all the different changes and your reasons for them. Where you just bored with the old design, or were their specific data points or user feedback that based this redesign on? And if so, do you have any data available yet that provide any insight in how user behavior has changed? (Might be too early to tell?)
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@marckohlbrugge I started with a very simple list layout, the MVP of 6 months ago. Then I moved to grid view and it showed that people shared the site more, but the time users spent on the site decreased. Probably because it was more visual but less informative. It also slowed down everything because users needed to load the big city pictures in the grid view. On mobile it started to become unusable with so much data.

I've prioritized speed and mobile now. So it does relatively well on slow connections on mobile now. I really want people to be able to get out their phone and find a place to work (like a coffee shop) by using the site in a remote area. That's a steep goal.
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@levelsio Update: I've opted for grid view on desktop and list view on mobile for performance
Felipe Pacheco — Co-Founder, hicMaps
Great work, @levelsio ! Always happy to be a part of this community. :)
Is there an easy way to suggest changes on the city's information?
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@fepacheco yes! the EDIT button is hidden now but I'll add it again in a few hours
Rehman Abdur — Senior QA Consultant, Applause
@levelsio waiting for the button :) gotta make some edits for Bucharest
Adrian — creator
The info here is ridiculously valuable. I've been following since the first iteration and it's gotten a LOT better. I really feel a huge speed improvement too! Love it!
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@adrianmcli Yes, it was incredibly slow before!
Oo Nwoye — Co founder, Callbase
Good job @levelsio. I've been following Nomadlist since it was just a spreadsheet.

As expected, I checked out my city and "Female Safety" was rated bad.

On what basis is such a declaration made? What is the criteria?

Lagos is no eldorado however, I dare say Lagos is as safe as or safer than new York which you have rated good for female safety.

I live in Lagos in case anyone has any questions.
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@oothenigerian It's quite disputable if Lagos is a safe city, most data shows it's not. It's getting better but I have to compare it all world cities and in that case it's not safe in general nor for females (yet).
Chris Georgiev — growth engineer, Imagga
Love the product, even contributed for earlier versions. Not sure what I get for the $50 so not buying it. You should consider some perks for people who have helped with info for some cities.
Matt Dickinson — Cofounder
@levelsio still amazed that you don't have Byron Bay, Australia on the list. I started being a digital nomad back in 2003 (started build 1st online business while living in Whistler, Canada) and have lived in a bunch of locations globally since then. Have since settled in Byron Bay as it had the best mix of lifestyle, culture, access to world class cities etc for me... For people that are into surfing, nature, natural living it's hard to beat...
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@mattdickinson No data on it yet, will add it :)
Casey Rosengren — Cat Herder @ Hacker Paradise
Right now Newark, NJ is showing up as #1 based on where I am.... as someone from NJ, I think you might need to tweak your algorithm ^_^;;
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@caseyrosengren it's sorted by distance from you. I've changed to sort on score again now. Will see what's best.
Thibaut Davoult — Growth,
Excellent work as always. Love the toggle of local vs expat vs nomad. Overall it's super clear and helpful. Every time I check out Nomad List, I get wanderlust :)
Craig Barber — Craig Barber
Congrats on this. A true resource for an ever evolving workforce. I can't believe how much functionality you packed into the mobile experience! I could see a native iOS app of this doing very well also.
Prahasith — Founder, Mimir
@levelsio making great products like usual!
Guilhem Menard — Lilo - The easy way to grow fresh herbs
This is just great! Well done @levelsio
David Lyons — Founder, Sunrise Robot
I had no idea we had all these amazing co-working spaces here in Denver! I'm going to share this with some friends looking to make a move.
Richart Ruddie — Internet Entrepeneur who makes cool stuf
Awesome idea! Can you filter the lists so that it displays by country? Also you should have a random generator so a Nomad can spin and go to whichever city they land on.
Jack Elliott — Head of Digital, Emirates Islamic
This is an amazing website. Thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately the weather filter doesn't seem to work.
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