Netflix Party

Synchronize Netflix playback with friends remotely



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QueenLear — ConnectionAgent-Co-Founder @ButtonPoetry
This is super useful for long distance relationships/friendships even remote workers that maybe want to watch "Glengarry Glen Ross" for the 1,500th time for 'team building'... Love the non-tracking, but chat or connecting to slack or something would be useful. Looks like it was a 'weekend project' hackthon. Further development likely?
Stephan Boyer — Engineer, Airbnb
@queenleariv Netflix Party now has real-time chat. :]
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
You can read the story here
Adam Schwartz — Founder, Eager
Can’t wait to try this out, Stephan!

For those who haven’t heard of it, takes a different approach to this problem using a shared virtual machine. So it works with any video service as well as any other co-browsing experience, e.g. group online shopping.
Beats — Product Manager,
This feature used to be built into Netflix on Xbox live. I gained a best friend as a result. Then all of a sudden it was taken away for no reason. Such a shame. With the voice chat function on Xbox live it was the most fun way to watch Netflix. I'm glad this feature was resurrected on the web.
Leo Bassam — Founder, CEO of
You know what would be cool? The ability to get on a video call straight from Netflix as well!
Sarthak Grover — All things Consumer
Is this any different from Showgoers ( ?
Stephan Boyer — Engineer, Airbnb
@sarthakgrover I think Showgoers has a chat feature that NP doesn't have, though NP will probably have chat in the near future too. Another small difference between NP and Showgoers is that NP can't spy on your Netflix activity when you're not using it, because it doesn't request that permission.
Sarthak Grover — All things Consumer
@stephantasia Cool, I'll try it out, just waiting on my 2nd Chromecast to be delivered since I need to source my video and audio separately. Any thoughts on being able to extend this to sync local media playback as well?
Randi Barry — Co-Founder @drophookapp
Great news for long distance relationships!
Raad Ahmed ⚔ — Founder/CEO, LawTrades
Finally! Been waiting for someone to make this 😄
Nik Sharma — Advertising Account Exec. 📲📈
Can't wait to try this with my friends around the world!
This is awesome. I'd love to see it spread to other video platforms, specifically YouTube. There used to be tools that do this, but I don't know of any that are still online. A little annoying to coordinate "OK, press go in 3, 2, 1..." with others when sharing a video.
Magnus Burton —
Couldn't figure out how to activate it...
Roman Temkin — Real Estate Developer
This is so great. I'll have to share with friends/family who are involved in long distance friendships and relationships.
Christina Valerivna Seminskaja — Little girl, big world -kinda thing
Sharing this right away. Too bad it does not (yet) have like a voice chat function, I wouldn't want to type.
James Eldridge — Owner, Gracie Furniture
Brilliant. I live in Montana and my girlfriend is in Northwest Arkansas -- wish we would've found this months ago! Great work.
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