A simple Wordpress site builder & its free forever


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adii — Founder, Receiptful
I love how native this feels & looks to WordPress. Surely a game-changer in terms of doubling down on what WordPress does well already, whilst adding some innovative, new ideas to the mix.
David Perel — Cofounder
@adii Thanks Adii, high praise coming from one of the founders of the industry!
John Howard — Ceo, Blackairplane
@obox can't wait to use this.
Balazs Zsedely — Review Catz, Ready, HPSTR
Just tried it, and liked it :)
Marc Perel — Coded LayersWP. Co-founded Obox.
@zsedbal Glad you enjoy it Balazs!
David McGraw — Founder | iOS Developer + Designer
Just gave it a spin & fell in love. This is going to be extremely useful.

Question for you. I'd be happy to throw the usual $ for a license. Why free? Bigger plans beyond what we see here?

Regardless, best of luck with it! Great work.
adii — Founder, Receiptful
@xmcgraw I previously lead the WooThemes team when we were rolling out WooCommerce and we built our revenue models based on add-ons to the core product which was free. I'm assuming the Obox / Layers guys will be doing exactly that.
Drew Meyers — Co-Founder, Horizon
If it's always free, how is this a sustainable business?
adii — Founder, Receiptful
@drewmeyers Paid add-ons. ;)
David Perel — Cofounder
@drewmeyers we plan on selling premium themes and extensions over and above the free download.
Braden Kemp — Spark Innovation Centre
@drewmeyers Seems like a service people would straight up pay for to me. I like simple - find a customer that needs your solution and see if they will pay.

....but I'm also a shameless capitalist.

Regardless, this seems like a great product
Drew Meyers — Co-Founder, Horizon
@braden_kemp Agreed, I would tend to think they should ask users for a monthly or yearly payment rather than make it freemium.

The complexity of WP is real. I just shared it on my real estate tech blog:
David Perel — Cofounder
@drewmeyers @braden_kemp We believe that the days of paying for a theme are soon to be over. The business model is not sustainable so we want to try something different. I wish I could say more about what's to come but I can assure you that it's secured the future of Layers and justifies it being free.
Braden Kemp — Spark Innovation Centre
@drewmeyers @obox Looking forward to watching it happen!
Ced — Founder at Schooold
Tori Bunte — PMM, HPE Storage
This is really nice. I'm going to set up a sandbox to play around with this tonight.

I'm a huge fan of the Avia Layout Builder that is included with themes, but, from what I've seen so far, Layers gives you just enough customization that it's probably a lot easier to use out of the box.

Love that it's free, but I look forward to the paid add-ons they'll likely roll out :)
Ross Currie — Founder, CrowdLoot
Given that there are already many other builder themes out there, what is it that Layers does differently? I feel like the website looks nice, but that the demo pages are relatively simple.

I mean, obviously they've done some great design work on the pages, but with 350+ upvotes, what is it about the theme itself that people love?
David Perel — Cofounder
@rossdcurrie Hey Ross, our primary focus for Layers was improving the user experience of a theme / page builder in WordPress. WP is used by over 20% of the entire internet however each time I recommend it to a friend who's not web savvy, they struggle.

With Layers we hope to take a step closer to solving that problem with an informative on-boarding process and intuitive page building interface that someone with little experience can understand.

Most WP page builders are about tons of features and massive flexibility. We believe that's the wrong thing to focus on. We want to put the user experience first so that anyone who wants to create a website using WordPress (and Layers) will understand it relatively quickly and enjoy their time doing so.
Amit — VP Product, Duda
its really interesting to see the growth in the realm of visual editing and the building-on-top of wordpress lately. does it mean the "regular" wp is not enough anymore or that the changes in the site-building market finally hits wp too.. i love the idea and the product is looking good!
Benjamin Hoffman — Software Engineer
i dont get it.... maybe im missing something. isnt wordpress already super easy, versitile, and free?
David Perel — Cofounder
@benhoffman_ As easy as WordPress is there is still a huge learning curve required for a newbie. Specifically those who know they need a website but don't know where to start.
Igor Benić — Web Developer
A really great product to create both simple and advanced WordPress themes. They are also great for clients since they can easily build their layout.
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