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Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
The app looks beautiful (see Instagram's announcement here).

Downloading now...

EDIT: Just created my first hyperlapse. Initial impressions:

1) So so simple. After the quick tutorial and camera permission prompt, you can start filming. No registration required, no feed of videos.

2) No filters. Again, going with #1, there are no filters as you might expect from an app coming from Instagram. This makes sense as the filters can be applied afterward once shared.

3) Facebook and Instagram sharing. Hyperlapse only gives you two option to share: FB and IG. You cannot post to Twitter, send via txt, etc. Hyperlapse is very much designed to enhance the Facebook ecosystem without cannibalizing consumption in its other apps.
Kevin LiMessageMe
@rrhoover re #2 - well there is a filter, except it's time/speed based now :)
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
@liveink yes, good point. Mindie 2.0 added fast and slow motion "filters" which similarly make a mundane video interesting.
Jim Grayioseed.com
@rrhoover #3 can probably be fixed with appropriate middleware. Main issue is that you have to convert the MP4 to GIF then Twitter will convert that back to MP4, also there's nominally a 3MB size limit for GIFs according to the Twitter API docs.
Mike KriegerCo-founder, Instagram
@rrhoover On #2, the way we see this is that cinematic stabilization + add-ons like Hyperlapse are to video in many ways what filters were to photos when we first launched; make things look good beyond what you'd expect given the camera sensor and have a great effort-to-output ratio
Justin M. OverdorffMobile @ Yelp
@rrhoover I've been using the app this AM and to be honest, I'm having trouble finding interesting use cases for it. In your every day life, finding something that is "worthy" of a time lapse actually seems like a high bar. Photos are a snap shot in time and have a much lower bar for what is "interesting", but a video / time lapse has a much higher bar.
Joe AndersoniOS @Realm
@liveink this is similar to what we discussed, instagram had all this tech built in their current app, then added faster viewing speed params and repackaged
@rrhoover You forgot 4) No Android support. Thumbs down
Jon LaxProduct Design Director Facebook
Great job on the warp stabilizer.
BrockMaker, Crunch
@jlax did they acquire this from you guys? I love the Teehan + Lax Hyperlapse tool! (http://hyperlapse.tllabs.io/)
Jon LaxProduct Design Director Facebook
@brockneilson No they did not acquire it from us. Our code was entirely based on making Hyperlapses from Google Street View imagery. So our code uses the data embedded in the API to do stabilization and some other things.
Jim Grayioseed.com
Is it just me, or would it be really awesome if the app store supported more than just still images?
Matt GalliganCEO, Circa
@grayj_ Developers will be able to add videos to their App Store listing with iOS 8.
Gillian MorrisCEO, Hitlist
@mg not just able, required... which worries me a bit as those with time & money to put into production value might disproportionately benefit
Nitin AlaburiOS Engineer, Curb
@grayj_ not just you. As @mg says, this feature will go live with the new iTunes that'll be released along with iOS 8.0 public release.
Josh ElmanPartner, Greylock
Does it mean something special when the founder of product hunt hunts something?

Oh and this is pretty awesome. Except I stopped watching my friends gopro videos two years ago so I hope these end up different!
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
@joshelman gotta maintain my #1 ranking, homie. :)
Kevin LiMessageMe
@rrhoover tiny trust is broken :/
Kevin William DavidCo-Founder, WalletKit
@rrhoover you beat me to this hunt by a few secs :( Damn!
Eric WillisModerator at Product Hunt
@kwdinc I really wanted this one too. I just missed it.
Matthew GardnerCo-Founder, Videostream
@rrhoover There's a RANKING!? Why was I not informed! I need to wake up earlier...
Nathan BashawBuilding a new kind of electronic book
Perfect extension of the Instagram brand. Instagram stands for beauty, and cool tools that make it more achievable for the average person. This is back in their sweet spot, and I bet even if it's not a huge hit it will still be much more popular than features that stray away from their core territory (like direct photo messaging)
Alex Manthei
Wow, it's a beautiful and crazy easy to use app. Think it could be huge for Instagram
Adrian PhillipsProduct & Design. Owns a wood shop.
I know what I'll be doing today... Cats, prepare to be "hyperlapsed"
Andrew GhobrialHead Of Winging It, Denarri
Very cool, but why is this a standalone app, rather than a feature added to the iOS app? Unbundling for the sake of unbundling?
Mike KriegerCo-founder, Instagram
@ghobs91 we wanted to keep the capture experience super-simple, which is hard inside IG where photos & non-hyperlapse video sharing are already present. The goal here was standalone so you can open straight to camera, jump in and start recording without missing a moment.
glíttergiphy dir. of brand strategy
@ghobs91 It's a new product, not an addition to Instagram. Unbundling refers to breaking apart overly complex apps, this is another in their suite of apps.
Scott HutterProduct Designer at Getable
@ghobs91 @mikeyk a couple months back I imagined what this feature might have looked like natively within IG. I created a spec time lapse feature - see: bit.ly/1swmWU2

Really awesome to see this idea executed. Different than I had imagined and certainly much simpler.
Zack ShapiroiOS at Splash
@mikeyk Hey Mike! Thanks for joining! Can you tell us a little bit about what went into creating Hyperlapse?
Mike KriegerCo-founder, Instagram
@zackshapiro this one came out of a Pitch-a-thon we ran earlier this year. The goal was to get some interesting ideas for creative tools both inside and outside IG. One project that came out of that were our editing tools which we shipped a few months ago (highlights/shadows/etc); another one is Hyperlapse, which the two engineers worked on during an FB-wide hackathon and got a bunch of help from design & PM (and sound design!) to get shipped. We spent most of the last few months cutting features to get it into the simplest experience we could find and had nothing else we could take away.
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
@mikeyk thanks for joining the convo, Mike. A few weeks ago you announced Bolt (testing in some regions, cc @ow) and now Hyperlapse. How do you decide what to build and which types of experiences to build as separate apps vs. integrating into IG?
Frankie Warrenclever
@mikeyk How does this relate to the Microsoft Research Hyperlapse video that was released a few weeks ago? Is it the same technology? Did Microsoft's investment in Facebook lead to collaboration?

EDIT: Apparently, Hyperlapse is a thing. I just heard about it for the first time in that Microsoft video. Therefore, I'm guessing it's not related.
Raul RieraFounder, Odonto.me
All the screenshots show an iPhone taking a vertical video... This is why we can't have nice things
glíttergiphy dir. of brand strategy
I'm keen to see if Instagram's community rally's and begins to produce higher quality videos, compared to the majority of Vines. Or if the iPhone - video space is just too complicated for quick HQ production. (I'm a believer in the latter)
Jesiah Bonneydirector, animator, mindier
This is my first time writing anything on PH although I've avidly followed it for 9 months. Hyperlapse is fantastic. Easy to use, beautiful design, simple and focused. It's a great move for Instagram. I also like that they decided to make it portrait; filmed on iphone to be viewed on iphone (like Mindie).
Mike KriegerCo-founder, Instagram
@jesiahbonney thanks Jesiah! It works in both orientations; if you're sending out to IG then it's square anyway so direction of capture should just be what feels most natural (the only hard thing in making Hyperlapses is holding a phone for long enough)
Jesiah Bonneydirector, animator, mindier
@mikeyk have you ever considered make an app focused on making stop motion videos?
Frankie Warrenclever
@mikeyk Or getting your pup to sit still long enough!
Zack ShapiroiOS at Splash
@jesiahbonney You should check out @rachelryle on IG. Amazing stop motion
Jesiah Bonneydirector, animator, mindier
@zackshapiro will do, thanks!
Joe AndersoniOS @Realm
@mikeyk curious why you started without a social feed. Social was one of the things that set Instagram apart in the early days, and allows a community to build around this new art form. If you were to build this before instagram existed, do you think you would have done it the same, or add a social feed right from the start?
Mike KriegerCo-founder, Instagram
@Anderson760 this is a pretty specific medium inside video, so I think it makes way more sense as feeding into existing networks (we share to IG & FB). Then the #hyperlapse hashtag plus the "how did you make that?!" questions in the feed help drive folks to check out the app.
glíttergiphy dir. of brand strategy
bahaha had to share: "the movie industry has been working hard to perfect the shaky cam effect, now the tech companies are trying to remove it"
ryanpflegerYovigo Inc. & PayWhirl
Is this at all related to the Microsoft research product called "Hyperlapse" that was published last week? http://research.microsoft.com/en...
Chris CalmeynCo-founder of Caliber
The simplicity of Hyperlapse is fantastic - smart to focus on creating a camera utility that feeds into their core products rather than trying to create a new network.
Jordan DoddsPM, about.me
Excellent execution of on-boarding. I hope this becomes a benchmark for apps moving forward.
Justin M. OverdorffMobile @ Yelp
Slick UI & the simplicity with attention the right details (creating content without signing up) really catches your attention.
Chris CarellaProduct Hacker
I just love that after years of countless startups trying to be the Instagram of Video, Instagram nailed the Instagram of Video.
Paprika XuProduct, GoGoVan
The tutorial is freaking sick!
Tyler HowarthDesigner at Medium
Major bummer that I can't make a hyper lapse selfie. selfielapse hyperselfie hyperlapsie
Zack ShapiroiOS at Splash
@tylr turn the phone around dawg
Tyler HowarthDesigner at Medium
@zackshapiro Defeats my desire for self vanity
Abe StoreyStudent Entrepreneur
Really great job on this @mikeyk . What type of IG user do you think will be the most active on Hyperlapse?
Ryan J NegriCo-Founder & CEO, Laicos.
Beautiful product, @mikeyk, and so simple to use. Will you be adding the ability to upload videos? I've got some amazing drone videos that would look very cool "hyperlapsed". (Unfortunately the iPhone is too heavy for this particular drone.)
Pieter WalravenFounder & Product @ Pie - pie.co
@rrhoover @samfhicks Seen the attention to detail in the onboarding?
Each time you swipe to the next screen it adds an instrument to the background music. Great buildup!
Daniel LimBusiness Designer
Super cool product @mikeyk. I was a little stuck during the onboarding process, but figured it out quickly by swiping to access the next screen. Love this!
Tim Allison.Co Founder of Plane.
Feels beautifully light. Great job.
Bubba MurarkaMobile VC
Hey @mikeyk, could you elaborate on the technical challenges for porting to Android mentioned here:


I recall handling video streams on android was just brutal but was surprised to hear it was a technical issue not a prioritization issue that kept android launch back.
Alexandre AliCOO at Rad.co
@mindieapp 's fast motion videos (with music) are nice too!
No Android? Really? I hope you got it that outside the US are 80% Android users that would be happy to use some apps by ignorant Americans too. #CrossPlatform

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