Collaborative notes from Dropbox (limited access)


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Lachlan Campbell — Noodles, high school, p. Highrise intern
I’m not allowed in. Is there anything official from Dropbox yet? Or is it something internal?
Jason Briscoe — Creatively diversified.
@lachlanjc same here Lachlan.
Steven Sinofsky — a16z
Great to see the work of the super sharp @hackpad team surface again. Congrats to Igor and team.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Interesting. Surprised no one is talking about this. Composer probably isn't supposed to be public yet, although @maggled and a few others seemed to get in. Here's a screenshot she shared on Twitter:

Maybe it's available for previous Hackpad users?
Lachlan Campbell — Noodles, high school, p. Highrise intern
@rrhoover I used to use Hacked, though it wasn’t linked to my Dropbox account. I’d love to check it out though!
Adam Waxman — Product, SeatGeek
@maggled @rrhoover I think you're right about being available for previous Hackpad users
Matt Hamlin — Student, Building Dollar (@usedollar)
@maggled @rrhoover The screenshot looks really similar to Evernote's new updated web UI and also similar to Simplenote too. I wonder if that is from design of how people want their notes laid out, or from what previous apps used for layouts/designs.
Stuart McCroden — (undefined)
@maggled @rrhoover I use(d) Hackpad and had it attached to my dropbox account. I can't get in.
Maggie Bignell — Product Designer, Pocket
Randomly in! I have a note or two in hackpad, so perhaps that allowed me access? Really nice so far—some beautiful (beginnings of, it's a bit of a mash up at the moment) typography and very clean interface (reminiscent of evernote's web experience). It allows multiple people to work on a note. You can add tasks, images, dropbox files, tables all in line with your notes. It also prompts you to create a note for a meeting based on what's on your calendar.

I can see this being useful in meetings/taking notes together. A bit hard to evaluate how the interaction will stand up when I'm not actually in a meeting/interacting with others on the app, but given we use google drive for a similar use, this could be a valuable switch.

A little worried that some of the features are obscured to make the interface super clean, but it's possibly that their use case is that 90% of users will simply take raw, written notes collaboratively.
Adam Kazwell — Product manager/observer
@maggled screenshots?
Tarek Koudsi — Founder, Hashdoc
I see Dropbox colliding with Evernote, each is moving into the other's direction in many ways
Adam Kazwell — Product manager/observer
@tarekkoudsi long dropbox, short Evernote
Jason Shah — CEO @ Do (
This is huge for Dropbox. Collaboration is essential to their future.

With the commoditization of file storage and the shift to pure cloud collaboration away from local-cloud-local collaboration, the move away from just file storage to broad collaboration is essential for them. It's not easy to pivot a $10b company though. And collaboration + productivity is hard :)

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Ryan Mickle — YC alum, Berkeley grad
We ran our whole company on a zillion Hackpads. Can't wait for this.
Sasindu Mendis — Developer
> Sorry, you're not allowed to use Notes right now.
> Email us if you think this in error.

This doesn't make any sense :(
Rahul Krishnakumar — Product Manager, Certain Inc
Noticed this a few days ago as well (via Quora), and I've got no access as well but it interestingly shows up as an app for me on Dropbox now, right under "Also from Dropbox".
Blake Robinson — Worldwide Alliances @ Salesforce
There are like 1,000 services that do exactly the same thing. Why would DropBox's be objectively better than Google Docs, Evernote, etc?
Francois Mathieu — Growth at
@blake not necessarily better, but much more convenient if your primary storage is Dropbox.
Ross Rojek — CTO, GoLocalApps
@blake better isn't necessary, convenience is. Combining Evernote into Dropbox means one less service and maybe save a bit in the office.
Ian Mikutel — PM, Microsoft OneNote
Well this seems interesting...
Violeta Nedkova — Marketing Coach Extraordinaire
"We're not ready for prime time. Would you like an invite?"
michal Naka — Product Designer
I hope there will be an iOS App.
Christian H. Cooper — Founder & Author @ Wiley
Same here, not allowed to use. Could use this right now actually.
Tim Johnsen — Making apps as tijo
Same here, denied.
Patrick Rogers — Developer @realm
Locked out and the email is invalid per Gmail. The first Product Hunt hack??
Chris Ked — PM
Had to ask via email for an invite. Fingers crossed!
Lachlan Campbell — Noodles, high school, p. Highrise intern
And now, in the Dropbox sidebar:

orliesaurus — Lasers handler
How is this different from hackpad? Maybe it'll integrate deeper? mmmh
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