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Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Yesterday morning I found this in my mailbox:

Curious, I texted "Cloe". Here's our correspondence:

First off, great marketing. Secondly, what a delightful experience. Cloe spoke personably and did enough research to know that I'm a UofO graduate and the Ducks were playing later that night. Some people might find that creepy but I've given up on privacy.

Cloe is remincent of ChaCha, a human-powered, SMS-based search engine before smartphones were ubiquitous. Cloe is also similar to Ethan (cc @gliechtenstein) but without the friction of needing to download yet another app (although this also comes with other downsides). Cloe is an invisible app, which @kylebrussell and I have chatted about (we both still need to write about this), in which the the product itself is embedded within existing interfaces (in the case SMS/iMessage).

That said, I'm curious to learn more about Cloe and the makers' plans to turn it into a scaleable business (if that's the goal).
Asad Dhamani — Founder, Crestify
@gliechtenstein @kylebrussell @rrhoover Wow, this is awesome. Is this an AI product or like Ethan, where you are talking to a human?
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@AsadDhamani I was definitely speaking with a human.
jonas — building @blab ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@AsadDhamani @rrhoover how can you be sure?
Josh Barkin — Maker
@rrhoover Yes, an invisible app. Another one is GIFyoutube where the URL is the app
Drew Moxon — Product, Facebook Messenger
@gliechtenstein @kylebrussell @rrhoover Invisible apps (the evolution of thin clients) are a favorite topic of mine.

Cloe must be the sister of Jarvis ( and Clara (! I wonder what the key differentiators will ultimately be here.
ilan kasan  — Product and Business Leadership
@rrhoover we are working on a concept that will allow any eCommerce catalog to create his own private personal assistant yo allow customers to search and buy product and support other inquiries via any text messagin interface.
Chase Hildebrand — cloe co-founder
Hey Guys. Whooah! First off thanks for all the interest. We are doing our best to service as many users as possible. For those who have been redirected to the waitlist we are clearing it up quickly.
Paige Skinner — Cloe Co-Founder
Hey everybody,
Wanted to introduce myself, I am one of the co-founders of Cloe. Hope everyone is enjoying the service, we've been absolutely swamped lately, but we're chugging along! We have a wait list at and feel free to watch the two videos to get a better feel for what we do!
Jesse Middleton — VC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.
@lepetitlapin_ I'm having trouble thinking of the best kinds of questions to ask. Is this a common occurrence for new users?
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Welcome, @hildebrandchase, and thanks again for the restaurant recommendations. What's your plan with Cloe and why will this work where others like ChaCha and Aardvark (sort of) failed? I'm naturally skeptical about the scaleability and business model of person-to-person Q&A. Although, Path Talk is onto something here. cc @davemorin
Spencer Schoeben — College dropout working on something new
whoa. how are they sending via iMessage ?!

this most not be done programmatically.
Andrew Brackin — Marketing at Jobr (Acquired by Monster)
@netspencer It's a guy with an iPhone responding to your texts...
Mike Bestvina — Professional Utility Infielder
@netspencer @brackin must be a growth hack.
Andrew Brackin — Marketing at Jobr (Acquired by Monster)
@netspencer @mbesto Their "businesses" page just has a picture of a hipster coffee shop.

This feels like a joke to me.
Chase Hildebrand — cloe co-founder
As for how Cloe will succeed where others have struggled is predicated upon our laser focus. For example, we do not prescribe to the jack of all trades king at nothing approach. We don't aim to field queries that you could find quickly through a Google search (I.e movie times, weather and sports scores) Our focus is on curated SMB recommendations. This is absolutely vital to not only scalability but also profitably. To delve into those two areas further 1. Scalability we've built out a proprietery tech algorithm that allows us to answer peoples queries effectively and efficiently (can currently handle thousands of users per day) as for 2. Profitability we have several revenue streams and were currently testing them out.
Andrew Mager ♫ — Moving people with code at Postmates.
Reminds me of a more thought-out version of Aardvark and I like it.

Sometimes you just need the right answer, right now from a human.

As Cloe learns my specialties, I'd gladly answer real-time queries via text message to help the better whole. Nice work @hildebrandchase.
Carlos Valle — Product Manager @ Curalate
@hildebrandchase the experience looks great. I'm excited to try this out!

I'm curious as to why your product video says "Lola" instead of "Cloe" at the 32 second mark.

I noticed that the Lola query is a request to interact with a known business (wraps from Lucca's) while the Cloe queries are all asking for recommendations.

Is this a revenue stream test perhaps?
Chase Hildebrand — cloe co-founder
Hey, Thanks for the complement and Cloe is excited to meet you. Carlos, you have an astute are right on with your assessment.
Jesse Middleton — VC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.
@hildebrandchase Super excited to give it a whirl. I've been a big user of for scheduling and this seems right up my alley.
Chase Hildebrand — cloe co-founder
Hey Jesse,
No, I wouldn't say so. I think that you use Cloe when you need her. If you need a tailor, a burrito, a happy hour spot with 1/2 price bottles of wine or a really great place to board your dog she can help with that.
Mentally replace the searching you do on social discovery and let Cloe do the legwork
Chase Hildebrand — cloe co-founder
The idea behind Cloe is to offer spot on responses so that you can text and get on with your life. The market currently needs a service that offers intelligent, curated, responses in real time. the problem with what's currently out there is that many of your queries hit a wall, provide too many results and ultimately put the burden on the user to find what they are looking for.
Cloe gets to know you better the more you use the service, she does the legwork for you and she has a human component so you don't dead end......
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