What is Dear Brightly?

Dear Brightly mention in "What is Dear Brightly?" questionDear Brightly is a company and telehealth service that makes it easier for you to order prescription-grade skincare products to fight photoaging and to promote the optimal health for your skin. Founded in 2018 by Amy Chiu and Alda Luong, Dear Brightly was conceived after the two founders had their own experiences (and issues) with finding dermatologists and skincare products to help with their own particular skin problems. According to Amy, she eventually discovered the magic of retinoids, which helped heal her hormonal acne, sunspots, and uneven skin tone. However she found the entire experience less than ideal; " It' s inconvenient, inaccessible, costly, and the commercially available retinoids feel medicinal, aren'\_t tailored to give you a smooth ramp up, and the instructions are horrible."_ Having met each other while working as engineers at Optimizely, Amy and Alda bonded first as two of the only women engineers, and later as loyal retinoid fans and users. With their combined background and skills, and their joint desire to make essential skincare products vetted by dermatologists more accessible to the masses, came the idea of Dear Brightly - now a premier beauty telehealth company that provides an easier, more informative, and less costly way for everyday people to access tailored, dermatologist-approved retinoids to fight a range of skin issues from fine lines to cystic acne. All one has to do is sign up, upload photos, answer a few questions, and then go through an online doctor evaluation before they are sent their very own personalized prescription skincare through the mail.

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Dear Brightly

Dear Brightly

Personalized prescription skincare products.

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