Is Canva safe?

Canva mention in "Is Canva safe?" questionYes, Canva is safe. Your Canva account information and designs are kept secure with encryption, and you can further protect your account by enabling single sign on (SSO) or multi-factor authentication (MFA), which are features available under the Enterprise plan.

Canva was the victim of a cyber attack in May of 2019, when hackers gained access to the usernames and email addresses of 140 million users. However, no password or credit card data was compromised, since that information was encrypted. Following the attack, the company reiterated its commitment to its users' data and privacy, and said it would be improving its security practices to ensure this wouldn't happen again.\ Canva is now ISO 27001 certified, which means Canva was assessed by a certification body, and it was determined that the organization has processes and systems in place to effectively identify, assess, treat, and monitor information security risks.

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